What is Article Submission in SEO

Know About What is Article Submission in SEO

Get Knowledge About What is Article Submission in SEO

High PR means High Page Rank Pages or Public Relations. High PR Article Submission Sites refers to Submit or Insert or Write a Fresh Article on those Websites Which Have High PR ( Page Rank) or High DA (Domain Authority).

If we Submit a Fresh Article on those types of Websites then We will get High-Quality Backlinks. Quality Backlinks helps to Increase Website Rank in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Every Website owner wants to Get High Rank in Google Search Engine Results Pages. There is a Suggestion about Article that Your Article should be Unique and Good Quality. 

If you are doing off page SEO Practices for your website then you Should  Start article submission on Regular Basis.

Article submission Sites Selection is very important to Get High PR or High DA Backlinks. Article Submission Sites Collection is a Important activity in off page SEO.

If a Business wants to Rank high in Google search result Page (SERP) then it should prefer to Choose High PR article submission Sites on Important Basis.

Here, we Have Considering Top 80 High PR Article Submission sites List 2019 that will help you definitely to get high Rank in Google search result Pages.

Advantages of Article Submission in SEO

  • It will Provide High PR or High DA to your website in search engines database and SERP like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • It will Increase your brand popularity.
  • It helps the business to increase their website DA (Domain Authority).
  • It can give you many benefits for your business If your article goes viral.
  • It Helps to Get High-Quality backlinks from the High PR or High DA Article Submission Websites.

List of What is Article Submission in SEO Sites for Backlinks is here:

High PR & DA Article Submission Websites List


Article Submission is an Important Process to get Rank High in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Every Business Do this process to Increase its Traffic on Website and Increase Its Sales.

It is a Free Process of Off-Page SEO Practices. I suggest that Every Business should prefer to do this process Regular Basis.

It will Beneficial for the growth of the Business and Online Presence on the Internet. Keep Practising for this kind of activities regularly.