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Social Media Marketing – An Overview

In Trending world everyone well known by Social Media. Social Media Means, The Platform where People are connected with each other related to different Communities, countries, Religion etc and Social Media Marketing means, Using this Social Media for Business Purposes to increase Website traffic and business Worth.

Social Media Marketing is a Very Fast Growing area in the world, it means the number of people are using and increasing day by day in social media so, A business wants to Market their product or services over social media, that is social media marketing

you know about some Social media Platform that is using all overworld or in a   Particular region Just like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and more are the Social media platform using all over the world except for some country due to security Problem. 

There are a Large Number of Social Media available in the world according to the Specific Area, Specific Work, Specific Use etc. Wikipedia Got the List alone over 200 of them.

But Social Media has Big area Covered than it. The Best Pie Graph Given by ” The Conversation Prism” for the Purpose to define Social Media Network in the World.

It is The Best Graph ever to Show social Media at a Place. This great graphic calledThe Conversation Prism”  It will give you a good overview of Social Media.


The Conversation Prism

Playing a very vital role in this process. They Do Changes on a Timely Basis and According to use and Popularity.

Even it is Up to Date Graph but it is Very Different from the First Version of this type Graph Given by Brian Solis from Past.

Term Uses in Social Media

There are Different Types of Terms uses in Social Media Platform and they are very important to use Social Media Network. All terms are the following:

  • Content
  • Context
  • #Tags
  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Engagement
  • Reach



Content means what you post on Social media. It Can be an Image, a Video, text and in other formats. Everyone has a different mind and different thinking to post something.

they post according to time, according to the situation to get the attraction in public.



According to Gary Vaynerchuk: “If Content is King, then Context is God. Context means the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood.

In Other Words, the right or best situation or circumstances to use or post something on a particular platform. It is God of Social Media Network.



#Tags are common in use but the real meaning of use knows very few people. #Tags works as a Magnet. it pulls the public towards itself.

They use on Every Social Network Platform because of this feature. Wikipedia has its own story about #tags. They make your Post to be Found easily on the social network.



You all know very well about the term share. Share means to share the Particular Content with your Nearby People.

They may be Friends, colleague, Relatives, and others. it is the best method to spread the information among all.

It is very Common on All Social Network. When people doing engage and interact with your post, that’s good. But, when they share your post, that will be a good time to celebrate.

BuzzSumo” is the Best tool to measure shares and the overall impact of your content.

More shares means, the people love your content. That is the best type of engagement that people do with it.



Like is related to liking something. If we Like or Loved something on social Network, We use Like Button to React on it. It is a Term of Favouring something. 



Engagement means When people do something with your Content like as Share, like, Emotion Sign, a recommend, a comment. All  Terms of these are good, but the shares are very Important in all.



Reach means how long your Post spreads or how many people available to see you post on social media Network.


Social Media Marketing – Meaning & Definition

Social Media Marketing means using social media Network to Increase Website Traffic and Sale. Today, Maximum Number of People use Social Media and They Use Social Media Usually More than Other Media so, A Business Can Target That Place where People Spend their time, Social Media Is a Place where A Huge number of people do online at a time.

Social Media Has Large Database of People to Influence Business Sale or Impression. Social Media Network uses for both the work.

one is Marketing Only or Impression only and another one is Conversion the sale. It is the Best Platform for Marketing purposes due to cheaper than other methods. Different Social Network Has Different Community to Target the customer.

like as Facebook has Common People. Professional and No Professional are there in same But Linkedin has Only Professional Users and Maximum are High Profile Person is there.

Twitter Has Also Large Database of People or community and it has the Maximum Real Active users.


Social Media Marketing is a Process of Increase the Website Traffic through Social Media Platform or Network. Wikipedia Has Its Own Definition of Social Media Marketing.

Your Post or Content should be Engaging to Success of your Content. When people will engage with your content hen they will share, like, recommend with others.

If your post has no, like, no comment, no share then your post-campaign will fail and there will be no website traffic and no Profit for you at this situation.

There are Number of Popular Social Networksby their nature but I am going to define Some of them here to Define Social Media Marketing.  Most popular platforms are the following:


Facebook is a very Popular Social Network by Mark Zuckerberg. Maximum User in the world uses Facebook.

facebook Has the Large Database of connected people. so, To Spread the information rapidly, facebook can be used.

Facebook Has Different Categories to Use different types of work Like as Facebook Social Network, Facebook Ads, Facebook Business etc.

if you Have a business then you can advertise your products and services with Facebook Ads. It is a Very Cheap Method of Marketing cum Advertising.

you Can Advertise for A Huge Number of people on Facebook according to Their interest, Age, Demographic, Area, Location etc.


Twitter is also a World famous Social Media. It has Almost Real Profile of maximum People. Twitter has Also A Advertising Platform to Advertise on Twitter.

Twitter has Maximum High Profile users so The Advertisement cost will be High than Facebook. You Can advertise your product or services with Twitter ads.

Google Plus

Google+ is a Social Media Platform from Google. It is also a Popular Social Media Platform. Google Plus Advertising is the Platform specially made for Advertising on Google Plus.

You can advertise your product or services with Google Plus Advertising on Google Plus Social Network.


Instagram is a Famous Social Media Platform for Video and Images. Like Facebook, Instagram also used by a large  Number of people.

Instagram has  Advertising Platform. You Can Advertise your Product or services with Instagram Ads. 


Youtube is A Famous Social media Platform from Google. Supports Video Ads from Google Ads. You Can Advertise Your Products Video and advertisement on Youtube.

Video Ads Make the First Impression of the Product is Customer Mind. so It a Very Useful and Effective Platform to Publish Your Video Ads.


Linkedin is a World Famous Social Platform for Professional. It Contains the Real Profile and Details of Users.

It is also A Very Important  Platform because it contains maximum High Profile Users Profile. Linkedin Has Also its own Advertising Platform Linkedin Business or Linkedin Ads.

The cost of Advertising on Linkedin will be high due to High Profile Users. It Used mostly for High-Cost Products and CPC Advertisements.


Reddit is a World Famous Social Media for all Types of Content. People or Business Can Post Anything Here.

You Can Post also a Link here of your Post or Content Page. You Can Advertise on Reddit with the help of Reddit Ads to Advertise on Reddit.


Pinterest is a Famous Social Media Platform, especially for Images and Photos. A Large Number of User uses Pinterest.

A Business Can Advertise their products on Pinterest with the Help of Pinterest Business or Pinterest Ads. Pinterest Has Large User Database from the world.


Tumblr is also a Famous Social Media Platform for Images. it is used by the general public in the world. Business can Advertise on Tumblr with Tumblr Business Features.


Medium is also a Famous Social Media Platform used by Millions. It Has Different types of categories. You Can Advertise on Medium Platform with the help of On Advertising Feature of Medium Platform.


Quora Is a world-famous Social Media Platform for Question and Answer. A Large Number of people uses Quora Daily Basis. It Has Big Database of People. You Can Advertise on Quora with the help of Quora Ads.


Scope Of Social Media Marketing

Maximum People are using Social Media Network and that is the place where a business can target them with their Fresh mood because maximum people use Social media to Fresh their mood.

so, the scope of Social Media Marketing will continue until social media exists. I think the Use of Social Media will increase in the future more and more.



The World is Full of Social Media Network. Social Media Uses everywhere and maximum people have accounts available on social media.

To Advertise the Product and Services, Use of social media on Demographic-based due to  Limited Boundness of services given by Business.

I Suggest to The Business, Use the Social Media Marketing with the Famous Social Media Using in your Bounded Circle area because of the Effectiveness of Social media marketing fully depends on Large groups of people using the Social Media and which one is Popular that will help you Advertise your Product on Social Media.