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Website Design – Overview

 We Know Very well that Online marketing includes marketing tactics on the Internet. The Internet is World wide web and it is the group of websites.

A website is the main Element to do Online marketing because we sell our product & services on the internet through Images or Videos but all are Usable on a particular website.

We do SEO on the Internet in Online marketing But if we have not any website, what we do in SEO or For What.

Without a website, we can’t show product video or images to the general public. so, Website is the main element to do online marketing practices.

A website makes SEO Practices Effective by its user interface. If the user interface is good and easy to use, the user can stay up to several minutes otherwise they surf on another website.

or go back without any click. Website design should be user-friendly at every level according to the nature of website or category of Interest area.

User-Friendly means, it should load fast in seconds, Appropriate Contents, Safe Content, Problem Free, Responsive, easy to use, fast response etc.

But if we talk about SEO Friendly Website, It Includes Different types of Rules using to make a post or page.


SEO Friendly website includes, Loading speed of pages, Post Title, Post Heading, Post URL, Meta  Data Description, Secure Session Layer Certificate (SSL), Focus Keywords, Lengthy Content with good readability, Internal Linking, Outbound Links, Featured Images, Keyword Density, Sitemap, Permalinks, Unique Content, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Term & Conditions, About Page etc. 


When we make a website with the objective of getting that website function well in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, bing, we should remember that the final result isn’t simply a fantastic looking site, but also one that’s prepared to assault the search engines from one.

Search engine plays a very important role to Get Organic Traffic but  SEO should be there to get High Rank. A website can Get High Rank with the Help of SEO so, when we make a website for the business or other purposes, it should be SEO friendly.


SEO Friendly means, Website should have followed all the rules of SEO. if the website will be SEO Friendly then It would be Searchable and Found Easily in Search engine by doing searches on the search engine.

If we have Rank 1-3 in Google Page Rank for a Particular Topic or Keyword then We Can Get up to 45% or All The Traffic for that Particular Keyword Related Searches. 


SEO Friendly Website Main  Elements

There are Many Rules that should be Follow to Make an SEO Friendly Website. It Doesn’t Matter which Platform you Select to make your website because of Different types Platforms Have Different Types of Facilities or features.

Normally We Use For WordPress Themes to make our Website. WordPress has the Dynamic Features. It Can Edit or amend easily.

We Can make our Website without any technical knowledge or skills. A Basic Blog or website can easily create on WordPress themes.

Here are the Main Rules to Make SEO Friendly Website is following:


Post Title Length

Post Title has a Vital Role for Post related Searches on the search engine. when we search something on the search engine, you see only Single Line included Keyword which one you searching Because Post Title Has a Limitation to use Letters.

It Has Only 71 Letters in a Single Post Title. Means, you can Use up to 71 Letters Maximum Depends on Font Type.

So you should keep in mind Your Focus keyword should be in First 71 Letters Included and Your Title should start with Focus keyword also.

If you will Use more than 71 Letters then extra words will not be visible in Title Line.


Post Heading (H1)

To Make an SEO Friendly Website, The Heading (H1) Should be Focus Keyword Enriched and Your Heading(H1) Should have Focus Keyword included anywhere in the Line.


Post Headings (H2, H3, H4..)

Post Headings Other Than Heading(H1) Should have also Focus Keyword Included To Make Your Website SEO Friendly.

It Helps The Users to Search Your Post or Information Provided by You in your Post. People can Find Your Post or Information, Product & Services easily.


Focus Keyword

Focus Keyword is a Very Important Element for your Post. Different types of Business has Different types of focus Keyword according to their product or Services.

In Modern World, There is a Number of the competitor of a Business for same product or services. Everyone uses a special keyword to define their Product’s features.

The Keyword Used Especially to Sell product or services, is a Focus Keyword for that Particular Product Or Services and Focus keyword used by businesses mostly with the Product or services to define its features.

Without Focus Keyword, No Single Sale Would be there.


Focus Keyword Density

To Make an SEO Friendly Website, The Focus Keyword Should be there Around 1 – 3 % of All the Word But 2.5% Is the Best.

Focus Keyword density is the Percentage of the number of times a Focus keyword Used on a page or in a Post divided by the total number of words in that page or Post.

So if  You use total 100 words in your Page or post and you are using your Focus keyword 10 times, your  Focus Keyword density will be 10%. Many people use different formulas to calculate Focus keyword density.


Internal Linking

It is one of the Best parts of SEO. Internal Linking plays a Vital Role to Link Every page or Post with each other Because Different bots of Search Engines Visit Regularly in your Website and that Page or post will be Updated every time when a Bot comes there.

To Update your Posts or Pages in Google Database Automatically, Your Should Link Your Pages or Post with Each Other.

We Can Use Links Unlimited times in a Post or Page. The one of Best Methods,  We Should Link Every page With another Page and Home Page Link.

It Means, At Least 2 Internal Link should be there, one is from Another page or post and 2nd is from Homepage Link. Your Website Will be Updated Always in Search Engine Database.


Outbound Links

It Is also One of the Best Elements to Make an SEO Friendly Website. OutBound Link means The Link Out from Your Website.

The Link not Included in your website or not related to your Domain Name. At Least A single link should be there for SEO Friendly Pages.

We Can Use Links From Any Other Website available on The Internet but According to my Knowledge, We Should Use or add Links of The website that are related to the Same Category and that particular website should be popular on the internet.

The Popularity of that Website will help you Get More Traffic on your Website and will get Goodwill among people for Accuracy Content due to Popular Website.



Permalinks also Consider when we talk about SEO Friendly Website. Permalinks means, The Complete Link for a Particular Post or Page Shows in the Address Bar when you search or Browse on the internet.

Search Engine Give the Rank to The Sites that have short Permalink System because Search Bots Can Find Data in Database Fastly according to Given Permalinks.

We Can Use Custom Permalinks as we can want To Use But I Will Suggest To Use Short Permalink Like As Domain Name/Post Name.

You Can Remove Middle Contents from Permalinks such as Date, Category Name, Sub-Category Name etc.

It Will Short Your Permalinks and Help to Find Your website to be SEO Friendly and Easily Searchable.


Featured Image

According to SEO, A Post should Have at Least a Single Featured Image which contains Alt Text Attributes.

Alt Text Attributes means, The Image Name included Focus Keyword in Starting. It Helps The User To Find your Post or website by Your Featured Image Link or alt Text Attributes in Search Engine because Everything on the Internet Has Special Role.


Meta Data Description

Meta Data Description is Also the Best Elements to Make SEO Friendly Website. Meta Data Description is a Data For  End User Only or Finding user on the Internet.

Meta Data Provide Information to The End User About Product or Services Features. It Gives Brief Information About Post Content.

It Gives Brief Knowledge about Information Topics which are Used in Post or Page.

Several Months Before, The Meta Data Description Letters Writing Limit was up to 160 Letters then we can Use Only Specific Data and Point in Metadata But Now It Is Increased up to 230 Letter so we can use More data and Important Topic in Length up to 230 Letters.

It Helps to Provide Brief Information About Product or services on Search Engine Page. User Can Click on Your Website Link after Read the Meta Data Description Details.



It is the Best Part of any post in a Website.

Content Plays an Important Role in Your Website to get Traffic on Your Website because everyone who uses the internet, searches many times for something and that something always is a Content for a Particular Website.

A Video Clip will be Content for Video Website and An Image Will Be a Content for Images Website. 

Everybody Uses Contents For their use According to their Interest because all things are Content on The Internet.

Now it is about Content-Length, The Minimum Length of a Content Written in a Single post or Page is 300 Letters But Google Gives Rank in their Page Rank System to Lengthy Content Website.

Content-Length Should be more than 1500 Words. Lengthy Content Helps to Find Fasly and Easily on Search Results Page.

To Make SEO Friendly Websites, Post Content Should be Lengthy and  Should be in Proper Readable Condition


About Page

About Page Has a Role In SEO. About Page will be for Search Engine Bots and Searching User.

Search Bots Finds The Nature of Website from About Page to Provide  Accurate Search Results to the End User and User Can Find Proper Information about Business or Website Services.


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Page has some importance in SEO and Google Ranking. A Website Should Have to Define their Privacy Policy Clearly because Some Websites Collects some private data from the user to provide Regular Updates and Services so Website should have to Define clearly that how will they use customer private data in the website and in future. Now there is a Special Rule for GDPR.


Term & Conditions

A website Should have to Define their term of using the website is written for the users because a user has no idea about it.

SEO is directly Relates to Search Engine and website term define to the search engine as well as users what will be the terms to use website services.


Unique Content

All search engine does not give the Page Rank to the Website which has copied content or duplicate content.

so The content in the post should be the Unique and different compared to other websites. It Affects the SEO of Website and  Page Rank if Search Engine Results.



Sitemap Plays an Important role to Index and Listing The Website in Search Engine Database System.

Sitemap includes all the Pages, Headings, Categories, Posts etc. Search Engine Collect all the Information about a website from Sitemap.

A Website Owner should have to Update Sitemap in Webmaster of Search Engine. Sitemap Update Process should be Repeat in every 7 Days to Be Updated in the Search Engine Database system.



Hello There, I Have Shared my Personal Experience about the SEO Friendly Website and Important Elements to Make an SEO Friendly Website.

Please Keep In mind when you Make a Website for your Business or Personal Blog or any other website. These are the Main Element to Make a Best Website for SEO