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Search Engine Optimization – Meaning

Search Engine Optimization is a Process of Optimize Websites Pages in Search Engine Database. It is also Called SEO. SEO is the Short Form of Search Engine Optimization.

In SEO, A Website Owner mainly Optimize the Website Home Page, Other Pages, Posts in Website Through Different Methods of SEO and after SEO Process The Website could be searched in Search Engine.

if Your Website is SEO Friendly then Search Engine Give you Top Pages Rank in its Database and if someone is searching on Search Engine Related to your Keyword, it will show your website link and post Link on TOP Location in Search Engine for that particular Keyword search and send the user to your website.

SEO Includes, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Link building, Focus Keyword, and keyword density, Internal Linking, Post Title, Headings ( H1, H2, H3) Meta Data Description, Content Quality, and Readability etc.


Search Engine Optimization – Process

When we do something, we make a plan for that and to implement a plan we use a Process to do that Work. so If someone wants to make website pages or post optimize then we have to follow a Process to Do SEO. The Process of SEO is as following

  1. Post Title
  2. Post Heading (H1)
  3. Post Heading (H2)
  4. Focus Keyword
  5. Content
  6. Keyword Density
  7. Internal Links
  8. Outbound Links
  9. MetaData Description
  10. Featured Image with Alt Text Attributes
  11. Sitemap
  12. Analytics Tool
  13. Webmaster Tool


Post-Title For SEO

website Owner can make Title for a Post or Page as they Want but According to Google, There is a Limit to Use words for Title for the Post or Page.

If You Want to Find easily In Search Engine after Doing SEO then you should always remember that The Maximum Limit for use of words in Title Length is 71 Words, it means you can use up to 71 words in your Title.

According to font types, it can Decrease, for eg. If You use Capital letter in your Title, it will decrease from 71 words.

The words used after a Limit will be not visible on the search result page. For Good SEO, I Suggest Use Title according to Search engine norms.



Post Heading (H1)

Post-Heading (H1) Plays an important Role in SEO. According to Search Engine Norms, The Post Title should be Focus Keyword Included and Start from Focus Keyword.



Post Heading (H2)

It is not Necessary to use Focus Keyword in Heading Other than H1 heading but If you are Doing SEO then You should Use Focus Keyword in Your H2 and H3.

it doesn’t matter where it is located in Headline H2 and H3. you can use focus Keyword in starting as well as middle or Last.



Focus Keyword

Focus Keyword is Very Important Element for SEO. Focus Keyword Should be Special to Specify your Product or services containing in your Page.

It should be Unique and Indicator for your Product Features. Focus Keyword Plays an important role to Get High Rank in Google Page Rank List.

I Suggest To Use Long tail Focus Keyword. you can Choose Focus Keyword by Using Online Keyword Explorer tools.

There are Many Tools Like This But Ahrefs is best. Longtail Keyword Means, A Complete Sentence. For Eg. (Search Engine Optimization)




Content is Very Important for any Post or Pages Because content can Pull the Users toward it as well as push them away from it so, Content should be related to the Main Topic and Contains Genuine Information about anything.

If your content has Proper Information then it will get traffic and get Popular otherwise you will get High Bounce Rate on your Post or page. For Good SEO Process, Your Content should be Lengthy and Should be at least 2000 Words.

It should be relative or targeted to a specific Topic. Lengthy Content with relative or targeted information can get High Rank in Google Page Rank List.

Search engine optimization of your website is Fully Depends on your Content. Content Should be readable. Search Engine Like as Google, Gives Rank to The websitesMainly Based on Text Enriched.

You Can Use Media with Text to Make Content Attractive &  beautiful but The Density of text Should be More Than Media. 



Keyword Density

The website owner can use the Keyword according to own thought but there are a Search engine norms to use Focus keyword in your content.

According to google norms, we can use up to 1-3% Focus keyword in all content but 2.5% is Best for the Post. If we use Focus Keyword in a large amount, it violates the term of Google Page rank Policy.



Internal Links

Internal Links are Vital in the SEO Process. Internal Links Means Links all the Pages and Post with each other.

It is Necessary to Good SEO and Makes your Website SEO Friendly. By This Process, The Search Bots Visit in all pages and posts.

If Search Bots will Visit in a Single Post, it will visit all the pages one by one then your website data will be updated in search engine database and search bots can show your post or pages after the search by a user in the search result if it is related to the search query.

The Beat Method of Linking your Pages is you should Add at least 2 Links in your post. One link should be connected with the home page and another one should be linked with the last post you have created on the same category.

after this, your all pages and your home page will be updated in the search engine database system. Wikipedia is the Best Example of Internal Links



Outbound Links

Outbound Links are important as like Internal Links. Outbound Links are the links that are used on your website from other websites.

You can also call external links of other websites Outbound Link Gives Popularity as they have and reliability also because you are linked with a reliability website.

For Good SEO, We Should Use Out Bound Links From The Popular Website from the same category or industry because it gives Credibility to the website and you can use a huge number of outbound links in your website. It Makes Trust in Public and Gives Rank High. 



Metadata Description

Meta Data Description is a Term Specific data Used for End Users only. It Includes  Features and Specific Information in Brief.

It Creates Relation between User and Website data because A user Click on Link after read Metadata Description.

Metadata description is so Important to Provide Initial Information about Post but it has a limitation to use Words in Meta Description Data.

You Can use only 160 words. Recently this limit was increased bt google to write more detailed information about product or services. now, this limit is 230 words.

you can use up to 230 words but it is not using in practice.



Featured Image

The website based on Text material is a Best Website according to google norms, But Google says according to trends, you can use media also in your website to attract the users and media can also use to define the text material in video clip or images.

But Google will Give High Rank to Text-Based Website. so you Should use at least single image as a featured image with alt Text attributes. It Will Helps your post by Searches through Images.




As the name Suggested, Sitemap means the Index Map of your website. It Is very Important for a search engine to index your website.

Sitemap have all things included in your website. It Has All Home Page, Other Pages, categories and Posts, Tags and keywords etc.

it informs the webmaster of your website about updates and other things. when you add something in your website, it updated automatically in the sitemap and when you submit a sitemap to the webmaster, it will update your data in webmaster.

Webmaster index the data in Search Engine for the end Users and make it searchable. you can trace any problem with your website if you submit sitemap regularly in webmaster. Sitemap Should be Submit in every 7 Days and it gives good results about the website.



Analytics Tool

Analytics is a Tool to Track Your Website Traffic and its sources. Using this tool, you can Trace all about your website traffic and other things related to it.

It defines all the traffic in different categories such as Organic Traffic, Paid Traffic, Social Media Traffic, and others.

this tool also necessary if you use the Webmaster tool. You Can see your Website Users, Sessions, Bounce rate and Session Duration easily. You Can Track Your Growth on weekly basis.



Webmaster Tool

Webmaster Tool is an Important tool to track your website data. You Can track your Problems created with Website and Can see solution also for future reference.

when the website has broken links there, you can only track them by webmaster tool. Your Website Sitemap can be submitted through Webmaster in the search engine database.

You Can Submit your website links, page links and Post links one by one to Index your website properly.

Webmaster helps the user in every situation. It is best and necessary For Search engine optimization Process



Search engine optimization is most Important to get high Rank In Google Page Rank List. SEO Helps the user to Index Website in Search Engine database and helps to make user-friendly Website. After SEO, Search Engine Response faster than Non-SEO Websites and Give High Page Rank. You Should Make Website SEO Friendly and Manage it by Doing Regular SEO Practices.