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Search Engine Marketing – Overview

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Online or Internet marketing that includes the promotion of websites by increasing their presence in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily by doing paid advertising.

Search engine marketing or SEM is one of the Best effective ways to grow your business in a Rapidly Increasing competitive marketplace.

There are millions of businesses that are selling their Product Or Services, Offline and Online But Selling Products Through Search Engine marketing is more convenient and cheaper than other Methods.

Search Engine Marketing is important to advertise online and SEM is the most effective Method to promote your product or services and grow your business fast.

Search Engine Marketing is Very Helpful to achieve High Rank in Search Engine Results Pages to enhance pay per click (PPC) listings


In Other Words, Search Engine Marketing is Directly Related to Advertising on Search Engine and it is the Paid Form of Online Marketing or Internet Marketing.

In Search Engine Marketing, A Business Pay An Amount to Search Engine Advertising Authorities to Run Advertisements on Search Engine and on different Websites.

Search Engine Advertising Authorities Run Ads about Product or services after taking the Amount. Many Business Pay a Big Amount To get the First Position in Search Engine Advertisements.

But it is very Costly Form. Google Has Different types of Methods to Advertise on Search Engine.


Search Engine Marketing Includes all the tools to Use For Advertise Products or Services.  I am Mention the Networks of Advertising related to Google and Bing only because the maximum Number of businesses run ads on Google Platform due to Heavy users of Google Search Engine.


Google Ads

In Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing related to Google Ads. Google Ads is A Google Advertisement Platform which Allows the user or businesses to Make Their ads and run on All Google Platform, Different websites that are allowed by Google to show ads and Google partner’s platform.


All Google Advertising Networks are the following:

  • Google Ads Search
  • Google Ads Display
  • Google Ads Video 
  • Google Ads Mobile
  • Google Ads Shopping


Google Ads Search Network

As the name suggested Google Search Network related to Search network only on Google Platform or partner’s platform.

In this Network, Advertiser Use Only Text to Make Ads.  This Network Describe the Features of Product or Services through Text.


Google Ads Display Network

This is Google Display Network but It has Includes two Features. This Network Use two types of Function one is Text and Another is Images.

This Network Provides Responsive ads and fits for all Devices and frames. This method Show ads in the cost of Search Network and It is More Effective than Search Network.

It attracts more customers due to Written Text on Images and You Know Very Well Media is an Influensive Element to Attract new or Potential Customers.


Google Ads Video Network

As the Name suggested, This network of advertising related to Video ads only. It Runs the ads on Video Platform Websites only.

Google Run ads on Thier Video platform and partner’s videos websites. This Network Charges the business on Impression.

Google Charges the amount on 1000 Impression on Video Advertisement from a Business. it is Called as Pay on Impression.


Google Ads Mobile Network

This Network of Google work only for Mobile Devices that supports the Internet. These Ads are also Responsive Ads and fit for All Supported Mobile Devices.

In This Network, Google Run Ads in Free Mobile Apps registered in Google Play Store. It is the term of use of Free Apps that it contains Ads with uses the apps.

This Network of Advertising Charges the Business on Per Click or Per Conversions. This Network also includes App Installation Advertising.


Google Ads Shopping Network

As the name Suggested, This Network Related to Shopping ads only. It is Specially for Shopping Website or Store or for those who sell Different types of product online.

this network of Google Charges the Business on a Sale Conversion basis.


Search Engine Marketing – Scope

About Scope of Search Engine Marketing, SEM used by a Large Number of Businesses to Grow their Online Market.

A Business Run Ads online Due to Many Reason Because There are Huge Competition in Product or Services Sellers and every business want to sell their product or services and Online Marketing Multiplies Sale Chances.

The Main Reasons for using Search Engine Marketing is the Following:

Huge Competition In Online Market

In Today’s Market, There are A Large number of seller available online to sell the same product and every business wants to sell their product or services, who will do Advertising, can sell their product easily other there will be a low amount of sale. So Search engine marketing will be effective.


Remarketing Need

When a Customer Purchased something before, A Business wants that customer should become a loyal customer for the business. so businesses run ads continuously for their old customers.


Big Market of online User

Today. The maximum number of users are online. so Online Marketing need is there to advertise the product or services for the online users.


Maximum Number of users uses the Electonic devices

In the Modern world, the maximum number of user uses electronic devices to do their work or entertain themselves.

so Target those users on their Devices can be possible by Search engine marketing. Electronic devices need apps to do something and a large number of the user used the free app in their devices.


Increases on the Internet use

Daily uses of internet increases day by day, it means people spend more time on the internet rather than other places so SEM will effective for a long time.


Online Media in Trending

User Spend their time with Online Media to watch or to get some information. They use content like images, video, Thumbnails, Podcard etc.


Target Marketing can Possible

A Targeted Marketing could be possible through Search Engine Marketing Methods. It Can Target Special Category of people to show ads.


Market Segmentation

You Can run Ads according to your market segmentation. It Is possible with Search engine marketing. you can divide your customers in the different segment according to time, according to age, according to their work profile.


Low-Cost Advertising with Maximum Reach

Search Engine Marketing is a Part of Online Marketing and online marketing is low cost than other traditional marketing methods so Businesses prefer online marketing rather than Offline marketing.


Easy and Simple Advertising

To Advertise online is very simple and easy, you can advertise online by doing some days practice there is no need any special Program degree certificate.


Advertising according to Customer Interest is Possible

Google Track the Cookies of the User and it analyze the interest of user so Google Show ads to the user according to their interest and track everywhere on the internet


Search Engine Marketing Agencies

There are Many SEM agencies available on the Internet that runs ads on Different Website