Top 25+ High PR Question Answer Sites List 2020

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Question Answer Sites

Question Answer sites are those sites where a group of people can ask anything and other groups of people will answer their questions.

That is a place to chat and conversation with written text. There are a number of Websites that provide this type of facility to make users together.

The Internet is a Big Resource of information and Knowledge where you can find anything according to need and requirement.

But, very often there are some rare critical situations where you can’t do anything. You will be unable to find the Particular answer to your particular question.

A question may require Some Basic local knowledge or expertise in a special field or a particular area.

Fortunately, there are different websites out there that can not only be used to find Knowledgeable and expert people’s opinions on different Matters and their Experienced thoughts about a particular topic but these types of websites also help in finding Community experts in various fields Area.

Here, We have Found some best Useful and High PR Websites where you can Start Conversation with someone. You can ask questions then you will get answers definitely from real Expert people online.

List of Question Answer Sites For Backlinks is here:

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Question & Answer Sites
1 Active July
2 Active July
3 Active July
4 Active July
5 Active July
6 Active July
7 Active July
8 Active July
9 Active July
10 Active July
11 Active July
12 Active July
13 Active July
14 Active July
15 Active July
16 Active July
17 Active July
18 Active July
19 Active July
20 Active July
21 Active July
22 Active July
23 Active July
24 Active July
25 Active July

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Benefits of Using Question Answer Sites

There are different types of benefits of Question Answer sites because of Changing trends and changing Technology. People ask questions on the internet about different types of queries because the internet has a Big Database and to reply to a Particular Query. Some Important Benefits are the following:

  1. people google more questions than generic keywords
  2. QA sites have become much more popular in the last year
  3. Q&A pages ranked high in search results
  4. Great opportunity to diversify your backlinks profile
  5. Pages that people prefer linking to
  6. Targeted traffic = better conversion

Question and answer are all about the discussion in which a people or group of people asks questions and one other people or group of people answers that particular question. Q & A is the short form of  ‘question and answer’

The main objective of the Q & A site answers the questions about all things asked by someone on any particular site or platform.

A Can make any question about anything that is he/she thinking in their mind. A can ask questions that have any effect on the world. questions can specify the latest world scenario.

questions may be information essential life choices. questions can specify insights into why different people work in different ways, think in a different way.

question answer sites is a spot or platform where you may ask questions you want to and get answers to your questions.

The question-answer sites have just one approach for every query. Question and answer sites have a large number of groups of people or a group of experts.

People may be from everywhere all over the world. When a question asks by someone on the site or community, A group of people or experts answer the same question according to their thought or expertise.

if the question is answered and satisfies the person then many of the others who have the same query or question may find the answer in the same place and learn from one another.

We need the question-answer site to make the platform to giving voice your opinion due to the question-answer sites are where discussion is on.

We need a reply to make the ultimate reply to everyone.

The World and The People with their Question-answer

Question-answer sites have content about many things. Q & A sites help you to know that why people do as they do in the world, why people behave as they do in different situations, and what we can do and contribute to making the world greatest for all.

Q & A sites motivate people to ask and to answer the questions you had not realized that you should ask.

There are no Robotic questions and answers. Q & A site’s answers come from people who actually experienced the problems and have first-hand information.

Q & A sites are the platforms to read World Famous Real Stories, accidents, incidents, Problems, etc.

There are a number of Q & A sites but Quora is most Famous and Mostly Visited by the Users in the world.

Quora is the place to learn about inspiring people like Gloria Steinem, Glenn Beck, Vinod Khosla, Stephen Fry, Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, and Gillian Anderson directly answering the questions individuals most wished them to reply.

Q & A site is the place you may learn necessary insights that are not available on another place or shared anywhere else, from individuals you can not attain through any other path.

The information is available on these sites is provided by experts in the world in a particular area.


Question Answer Sites are very popular in trend Because of the Increasing interest of users in Q&A websites.

Most people are used the internet or search engine to ask their query and search engine provides the best solution for their query.

The Internet has a Big Database to give the answer and it has A group of Experts People to Answer the Particular Query.

You can take some advantages of q&a Websites in Your Website Ranking. Q&A websites generate a large amount of Traffic on websites if the query is related to your websites or topic.