Top 30+ High PR Ping Submission Sites List 2020

ping submission sites

Ping Submission Sites List

Blogging is the best strategy to get free site visitors. However, blogs are like another site. you can not get extra site visitors without efforts and such types of practices.

Ping submission is associated with RSS feed Submission. You should not start using pay-per-click ads and many other related promotion strategies to increase the visitors on site.

Instead,  you can start submitting your blog to RSS feed submission sites. It will help in Ping submission.

It Depends on your content, If the content is of good quality, you can get huge visitors easily by using that single activity.

Do not worry about the time uses in RSS feed, because it sounds more typical & technical than it really is.

List of High PR Ping Submission Sites For Backlinks is here –

S no.
Ping Submission Sites
1 Active May
2 Active May
3 Active May
4 Active May
5 Active May
6 Active May
7 Active May
8 Active May
9 Active May
10 Active May
11 Active May
12 Active May
13 Active May
14 Active May
15 Active May
16 Active May
17 Active May
18 Active May
19 Active May
20 Active May
21 Active May
22 Active May
23 Active May
24 Active May
25 Active May
26 Active May
27 Active May
28 Active May

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All RSS feed sites enable different site owners to submit their articles on their website. In Results, it gives related content whereas providing you rise in site visitors.

It is the First step to Ping Submission. It may help in SEO, as RSS feed sites can give backlinks to the sites. if you have more backlinks, your chances will be high of getting your website seen by search engine bots.

To get started with the RSS feed submission, you have to submit your blog to blog directories.

There are huge blog directories available on the Internet, and submission is so simple as getting your blog’s URL.

It is an important part of the ping submission service. But the process does not finish there. You have to ping your blog time to time to make sure that blog directories involve your blog’s updated content into their RSS feeds.

Again, do not assume that pinging means a typical programming activity. In relation to blogs, it is so simple as deciding where you want to submit your blog and getting into your blog’s URL.

Your Ping submission process starts here. In other words, pinging is very easy. you are able to do pinging properly from a pinging service provider site.

It is Considered that is one of the famous and most visited pinging networks on the Internet. It allows you to notify the most important blog directories. your Ping submission started.

However, if you would like an extra particular listing of blog directories to inform, you can use This website can grow services where you may get more site visitors without any cost.

You should subscribe to their e-mail listing to be notified. You can ping submission on multiple sites.

In conclusion, with regards to free site visitors, you should have a blog with RSS feed.

Make ensure that your RSS feeds include your most updated information. Submit it to the Ping submission site, do not forget to ping.

For simply 2 seconds efforts, you will get extra site visitors than you may deal with! by doing simply ping submission service.