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Pay Per Click Advertising – An Introduction

As Name Suggested, PPC is an online advertising Technique in which advertisers pay to Publisher for every single click on one Online Ads run by Publisher on Search Engine or a Website.

There is a number of  PPC ads, but paid search ads are one of the most common types of Ads.

All ads are appearing in a search engine when a User Start typing to search for something online and search engine gives some search engine result pages (SERP) after a search query especially when they doing commercial searches to buy something.

when we search about commercial product or services then ads always shows on search engine result page at the upper side and lower side with “Ads” Tag because a Commercial company runs the ads to increase it’s product or services sales.

It could be anything in Search. In Modern World, Maximum People have Smart Phones so, You Can Do That Work on Mobile Also  Like As (someone searching for “pizza Shop near me” on their phone Search Engine) to a local search (someone searching for a dentist or a plumber near them) to someone searching for a Gift Shop Near me (“Mother’s Day flowers”) .

All user May have Different Query to Find Solution so Someone searching other Things like software.

All of these searches show ads on Search Engine Result Page first because they have run ads already for all that queries.

You can Find Solution for Maximum Queries if they are related to a Commercial Search.

In Other Words, In pay-per-click advertising, A Company Charges only when someone will click on running ads by the Company. In This Case, User actually clicks on their ad for the purpose to find the solution for their Problems or query.

It Called the name “pay-per-click.” or “PPC”

Other types of PPC advertising included display advertising and remarketing.


Pay Per Click Advertising – Meaning

Pay Per click means Pay for your Running ads on Search Engine According to Clicks or Pay for Ads when your Running ads Clicked by Someone or by a Customer or By a User on the Internet.

If Maximum people use the Internet for their need or Problem to Find its Solution because of the Maximum Businesses are online to Sell their Products or Services.

Due to Large Group of People, Online Marketing Required to Search your Real Customer Fast. Pay Per Click is A Paid Marketing and Very Important part of Online Marketing.

A Business Can Sell Their Product or Services without SEO Services Through Paid Advertising. Every Online Business, Who Provide Services or Products, Requires Advertising.

You Can Sell Your Product or Services Through Getting High Rank in Google Page Rank But It is A Long Process and Time-Consuming.

Paid Marketing is 2nd Option To advertise Your Product on Search Engine and Different Websites. Paid Marketing Plays A Very Important Role In  Online Marketing.

It Is Beneficial For High-Cost Products and For Special Category Products.


Pay Per Click Advertising – Definition

According to Tech Terms,”  PPC Stands for “Pay Per Click,” and is used in online advertising. PPC advertisements generate revenue for Web publishers each time a visitor clicks on an ad.

Banner ads, Flash ads, and textual ads can all be used to generate pay per click revenue for publishers.

Many search engines also use the pay per click model, showing sponsored results along with other relevant results for searches.

PPC is an attractive model for advertisers because they only have to pay for actual traffic generated by their ads.”


How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

Pay Per Click (PPC) Consider as a simple concept, but it’s not true, it is really so complicated than your Thought. Sure, It is an online advertising method.

In This Method, you only pay to the Publisher when somebody clicks on your Running ad on the Internet.

There is a Huge amount of activities about Pay Per Click (PPC) You Should Have Knowledge about PPC Terms considering when you Use PPC Method All the Terms are the Following:

  • Bidding
  • Keywords
  • Landing pages
  • Budgets
  • Ad copy

If You want to run a PPC campaign to Catch Your Potential Customers. First You Should Learn How PPC Works with Different Digital Marketing Mediums.


How Pay-Per-Click Works?

PPC Remains Active because Digital world is valuable.

For Example: 

  1. If you want to show your Ad on a billboard, you’ll have to pay for that Space. Similarly, if you want to Show your ad on a TV commercial during a popular TV Serial or Program, you’ll have to pay for That Particular Time too.
  2. Some websites offer premium Facilities to its Customers. You Can use any Product from that Website Earlier than Other Websites. They Provide Early Access to its customer for new or Recently Launched Product. If you want to promote your Product on those websites, you’ll have to pay for that Particular Activity or Process. Website Owner will charge an Amount for that Service.
  3. Another method of charge to Business for Advertising is CPM. In CPM Method, sites charge for ads on the basis of impression count. It is usually measured in terms of per-thousand impressions. CPM stands for “cost per thousand impressions” It Means If Your Ads Shows 1000 Times on a Particular Website then you will Charge for That. If you opt for CPM method and Your Ads Is Running a website like BuzzFeed, You Will Charge for your Ads Impression on a Particular Website even if nobody clicks on your ad. It does not seem right, does it?

Get Enter in PPC Method, PPC is an advertiser-friendly method that gives Businesses the option to pay only if a User or Customer clicks on their Running ads on a Website. It is often the perfect choice.


Why PPC Marketing is so Important for Businesses?


Why PPC Advertising is so Important for businesses and why they use PPC Advertisement?

For the same Purpose, they advertise anywhere else, they seem it as a great option to get the Information out about what they are offering to its customers. 

PPC is just one part of a multi- Functional Marketing strategy.  Hardly,  a business uses online advertising as the only single way to Generate traffic to its website.

But It noticed that Online marketing is very Effective and PPC Model of Online marketing also Effective. Due to Its Effectiveness, Much Brands Depends on it to Boost sales.

There are some reasons that brands use PPC model well. It can Get them a top Position on the search results pages.

Many Search engines like Google and Bing gives the opportunity to businesses to run ads that appear at the top position of the result Pages when people search for something or about a query.

That’s the reason why businesses use PPC Model as an SEO Trick.


Most Popular Types of PPC?

There are a Large number of ad networks that offer PPC. However, some Networks are most popular than others Networks.

The top Position got by Google AdWords. It is now Known as Google Ads. This is a PPC Platform by Google that allows the User and Businesses to run ads on Different websites who opted this facility, on the search results page, or both.

On the other hand of Google ads, The 2nd Product of Google is AdSense. This is the program or platform that use to run Google ads on their  Linked Websites. The Websites owner get paid when visitors click on the ads.


The Most Popular Pay Per Click Advertising Types are the Following

1. Google Ads (Pay Per Click Advertising): Google Ads allow the users to Run Ads on Private Websites, on The Search Result Pages or in Both. 

Google ads make money by Running ads on Search Engine result pages and The websites which get the authorization to run ads from Google Adsense.

Google ads take a fixed Percentage from the amount Charged for a Single click or 1000 Impression if the ads are running on a private website and clicked by the visitor but if ads are running on search engine result page and got clicked by a visitor then Google takes it all.


2. Bing Ads (Pay Per Click Advertising): Bing Ads gives the option to advertise on Bing Search result Pages, Yahoo and Microsoft Platform. 

Bing Ads is the Product of Bing Search Engine,  It is the 2nd Most Popular search engine and it has its own Platform of PPC.

It gives users the option to Run advertisements on Bing Search Engine, Yahoo Search Engine, and Microsoft’s other search engine partners Platforms.


3. Facebook Ads (Pay Per Click Advertising): Facebook is the most popular social network in the world and it also has its own PPC advertising Platform, Called Facebook Ads.

Facebook Gives the option to advertise on Facebook according to Demographic and interest of users based ads.

it has the Largest Userbase from all over the world. Facebook often considered a Fast Advertising option for businesses who want to promote their product or services based on demographics and interests.


4. Display Advertising (Pay Per Click Advertising): The User or Businesses can Run Graphic Ads on Any Platform such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

Youtube is the Most Popular Video Platform using in the world. It is a Google Product. 

It can use according to Product or services of the businesses. Different Businesses has Different Types of Products. Some Businesses prefer just a headline and brief text as the copy of the advertisement.

For Other Businesses that prefer rich media to promote their Product or services, for this purpose they can adopt a professional team or agency to make a customized image, animated GIF files, or video and run it as an advertisement on the Display Advertising network that supports the all given format.


Keep in mind: you can use Images with your text in Display Ads to show on the search results Pages at this time. It is a Feature of Google Display Ads and it works effectively.


5. Native Ads (Pay Per Click Advertising): Native ads are also PPC Advertisements. In modern Time, Native ads are popular due to Customer behavior or nature.

People click on all the Attractive and affecting elements or images. Native ads use all these things in their ads.

These ads look Like as a Blog but they are Advertisements in real. Outbrain and Taboola are the most Popular Native ads networks.

Natives ads look like a part of a blog, News or magazine but they are advertisements in real

There are a Huge number of ads Network in the World but Outbrain and Taboola are the most popular or famous companies that run native ads worldwide.


All above the Pay Per Click Advertising Model or Types of Pay Per Click Advertising. You have to Choose one or more which suits for your Business according to your Product or services.

At last, you can use retargeting or remarketing campaign with Pay Per Click Advertising Model or Network. If you don’t know about Remarketing term, remarketing means target those customers or visitors who have already visited your website or are the loyal customer or visitor of your website.


Pay Per Click Advertising Cost?

PPC Network Charges the Brand on every Click but how much they Charge, it is Depends on several Factors. All Affecting Factors are 

  1. Ad network
  2. The keywords
  3. Your Budget.

Cost per click varies from company to company. It follows the rule of Demand and Supply.

That’s the reason Google charge High Cost for an ad more than ads running with Bing Because Google is a much more popular search engine.

Around 70% general Public use Google As search Engine to Find the Solution for their problem or query.

The cost per click for an ad also depends on the keywords used in your ad. Fortunately, both the search engine, Bing and Google tell you the cost of ads according to the method used before running ads

  • You will charge for each click
  • All clicks cost is not equal. some clicks are less than $1 and some are could be over $50
  • You have to pay someone to manage your ads and campaign and your website Pages.

Note: You Can see that how much cost you for each click, just go to Google Ads and select “Keyword Planner” in “Tools” menu at the top.


Elements of Pay Per Click Advertising

There are several elements of PPC advertisement management. It’s very important to be familiar with each one of all elements if you want to run an effective Advertisement online. all elements are the following:

  • The Campaign:  PPC use elements in series basis and the campaign will be at the top. A PPC campaign consists of different types of ad group related to a particular marketing strategy. For example, many brands run holiday-themed ads campaign in December to target consumers for Christmas Presents, New Year Presents etc.


  • The Ad Group:  As the name Suggested, an ad group consists of Different types of ads related to a particular campaign. If we use the holiday theme,  you can run ads for food baskets as a Christmas present and another ad advertising For clothes for Christmas like as Santa Claus Clothes.


  • Keywords: Keyword is the Most Important Element in ads. Have to associate your ad group with particular keywords so the ad network will show your ads on Targeted Platform or Place. For example, you select “Food baskets” as a keyword for first ad group and “Christmas Clothes” as a keyword for the second ad group etc.


  • Ad Text: It’s possible in PPC that we can make an attractive component for a PPC campaign. Businesses can make any type of ad text with the help of Different Tools given by ad network and public flocking to their website. My Suggestion is that hire a professional Executive to take help when creating ad text. The Main and important Thing is to Remember while creating ad text that the ad text should be related to the keywords.


  • Landing Page: When people click on your ad from somewhere, you want the visitor to “land” somewhere,  That will your landing page. It should match your text used in ad text in terms of keyword relevance. It Creates Credibility when your landing page relevant to your Keyword Text. Once again, It is very important to hire an effective Professional Executive when you run the ads. It will help you to close the deal on your Final landing page.



PPC is a Very Popular Method to get Find in Search Engine and according to Search query or problem. There are Several PPC Networks using worldwide.

I Suggest you Choose Effective PPC Network according to your product or services and Hire a Professional Executive or A-Team to Manage your Ad Campaign and your website.

Keep Remember all the Elements and use them Carefully. Keep Focus on Keyword, Ad Text, and The Landing page.

PPC Is the Best Way to Increase Your Scale of Sales but It will Cost you. The scale of Sales will be high than Normal SEO because of 40-50% Click Get by Ads showing in Top of Search Result Page.