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Off-Page SEO – Meaning

Off-Page SEO Mean, SEO the Pages After they Published. Off-page SEO related directly to Published Pages.

When someone publishes a page on any website, it is like a newborn baby on the internet, it Has no Recognition, No Goodwill, No Credibility, No Reliability and not a Large Circle of People references.

It is alone and small itself. Off-page SEO techniques help it to Make Large Contacts, references, Recognition, Goodwill, Credibility, and reliability also.

Link Building is a Very Important Part of Off-Page SEO.


Link Building Plays an Important role to Grow website Traffic and Website DA (Domain Authority) Rank in Search Engine and Domain List.

There are Millions of Websites existing and actively working on the Internet but Everyone website owner wants to get High DA Rank because of High DA Rank Menas, High Traffic and High Growth.

If you Make a Website on the Internet and publish Contents daily on a routine basis, you will Get Some Rank rank After Few Months when you Post something Regularly for several months but Get A High Rank, You Have to Work for several years. it may be 10 -20 years or more.

So, We Take the help of Link Building.


With the Help of Link Building, We Can Get a Particular Rank in Some Week which will get in several years from without any SEO or Link Building.

Off-Page SEO do with the Post and Pages After it is Published to Make Recognition On the Internet in Different Popular Websites where People Visits usually and in Large Number.

In Link Building, Popularity, Reliability, and credibility are the most important Elements.


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation means, Optimise Website Pages and Post in The Search Engine Database System to be Found Fast and Easily.

SEO plays a very important role to be found your website data in Search Engine database.

Without SEO, you don’t think about to be found because there are different types of rules and algorithms of Google to be found if you will not fulfill that criteria, not following that rules and algorithms, you couldn’t get any rank in Search engine Page Rank List. so, You Should SEO of your Website regularly to get high rank and be found fast in the search engine.


Types of SEO

There are mainly two types of SEO. Both are most Important and effective in working in their fields. Each one Gives the pages a Specialty and Recognition. Both types are the following:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO


On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO related only with writing on Current Page or Post in the Website. According to On-Page SEO, There are some Important Rules to Write a Post or on Page to Be Found in Search Engine.

We Have to Follow that rules and algorithms of Google to Make SEO Friendly Website and Be Found in Search Engine.

To Get A High Rank and Be Found In Search is a Big Task of A Website Owner or Admin. On-Page SEO Includes all the Rules as Following:


  • Post Title                                      -( Start with Focus Keyword & use up to 71 Words)
  • Heading (H1)                                -(Focus Keyword Should be Include in Starting)
  • Heading (H2, H3)                          -(Focus Keyword Should Be There Exist in Heading)
  • Lengthy and Quality Content          -( More Than 1500 Words)
  • Focus Keyword and Its Density       -( 1 – 3%, Best will be 2.5% of all Words)
  • Internal Linking                             -( Link All The Pages with another Page and Home Page )
  • Outbound Links          -( Insert Links of Another Popular website in same industry or category)
  • Meta Data Description -(Use Attractive Points and brief Description. use word up to 160 words)
  • Customized Post URL                      -(use Short URL by using Permalinks Customs)
  • Featured Image with Alt attributes   -(Use at Least One Featured Image with Alt Attributes)
  • #Tag                              -(Use Proper #Tags and appropriate Manner with Limit up to 8 – 10)
  • SiteMap                                               -( Submit at least once in a week)


Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO related to the page which is published. Its all about SEO Process with Published Pages.

According to Off-Page SEO, Website needs of Backlinks to Get High rank and Growth. Here are the term Backlinks is created, Backlinks mean the Quality Link Juice where we have posted own website links.

In Off Page SEO, We Generally do many Practices with the other websites or Domain those are very Popular and where General Traffic is More than a Normal Website.

Popular Website Gives High DA and High PR. It Gives also a Large amount of Link Juice that provides High-Quality Backlinks with High PR & High DA.

When our website gets DA or PR, website Rank increases somewhat. Large Numbers of Backlinks with High PR & High DA will Give Rapid Growth in Website Rank and High Amount of Organic Traffic. Link Building Is the Backbone of SEO.


Off-Page SEO Includes, Article Submission, Create Web 2.0 website, Social Bookmarking, Web Directory submission, Guest Posting, Comment Posting, PDF Submission, PPT Submission, Question and Answer Posting, Listing in Classified, listing in Business Listing, Press Release, Search Engine Submission, and Pinging.




Backlinks are the link Juice from the website where we have posted our website links in a different manner.

It is generally a Website link or link of that post or page where our post located. When we Create a website or edit on another website, we can put our website Domain Name or a Particular Post Name in a Link.

after that, The Crawler will Move on our website from that particular website, if The Particular website will be High  PR or High DA, then backlinks will be High DA or High PR.

 Backlinks also called “inbound links” or “incoming links,” are created when we insert any link in Another website. The link to an external website is called a backlink


Backlinks are the links that are directed towards your website. Also knows as Inbound links or incoming links. The number of backlinks indicates the popularity or importance of a particular website.

Backlinks are most important for SEO Purpose and it is the term used in Online marketing because some search engines, especially Google, will give more Credibility to the websites that have a Large number of quality backlinks, and consider all those websites relevant to the Source website than others in their results pages for a search query.

When search engines evaluate the relevancy of a site to a keyword, a search engine considers the number of Quality inbound or Incoming links to that site. So it is the quality of the inbound link that matters.

A search engine counts the content of the sites to determine the Quality or Link Juice of a link.

When Incoming links to your site come from other sites, and these particular sites have content related to your own site, these incoming links count more relevant to your site.

If incoming links are found with unrelated content, they count less relevant. The higher of the relevancy of incoming links, they are greater in their quality.

Backlinks take place when one site mentions links and another site to it. Also, referred to as”incoming links,” backlinks produce their relationship through external sites.

These links from domains that are an outside point to pages in your domain. It is similar to getting a vote to get a page backlinks to occur.

The more votes you receive from the sites that are authoritative creates a positive effect on the ranking and research visibility of a site.


Backlinks are valuable for SEO because they represent a “vote of confidence” from one site to another.

Backlinks is a signal to your website for Search Engine to Pull the Search Engine Bots towards it. If there are Different Links on the same webpage or website, a search engine will  Infer the content that is worth Linking to and also worth for SERP.

So, Gaining these backlinks can have a Positive Effect on your website Ranking Position or Search Visibility.



Types of Backlinks

There are Mainly Two types of Backlinks. Both are Important to Get the Rank in Google Search Engine. The 2 types of backlinks are as following:

  • Dofollow

  • Nofollow


Dofollow Backlinks

All links are Dofollow links unless they are changed by a website setting or are modified to be Nofollow links manually.

To put it differently, they continue to crawl pages they detect through links that are regular.

Dofollow Links pass what the search engine optimization community commonly calls”link juice.” Links are a vote for quality.

By studying which web pages are connected to, search engines can determine websites should rank in search results.  These Links are one of  Best ranking factors.


Nofollow Backlinks

A Nofollow backlink is basically a link created by you through inbound links that do not pass the SEO benefits of the source site to the destination website where the link points to.

Nofollow links do not have SEO value, and they will not insert to the link profile that search engines use to evaluate when ranking websites.

Google or other Search engine bots crawl on this link, but they do not follow where it is pointed to.


How Do Backlinks work For a Website?

When a Website owner works on backlinks or Off-Page SEO, They post articles, blog, different types of content like podcasts, thumbnail, images or more on other destination websites to referer their website for the source.

If you post these all things on same category or industry website, it will look very relevant to destination website and that website will give that link High-Quality Backlinks in return and it will increase your Backlinks Power and your growth of the website.

you will get high traffic on your website after this. But, if you will have posted all that things like articles, blogs, images, thumbnail or comments on an irrelevant website then you will get very Low-Quality Backlinks from that website.

it will not give benefit as compare high-Quality Backlinks. Backlinks Mainly Work for Website Ranking in Search Engine.

Backlinks are Most Important to Grow Website Rank and Maintain it for long. High-Quality Backlinks Gives website, High PR and High DA and make it Popular.

Quality Backlinks helps to  Increase the Website credibility and reliability among the public on the internet



Elements of Off-Page SEO 

  • Article Submission

  • Web 2.0 website

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Web Directory submission

  • Guest Posting

  • Comment Posting

  • PDF Submission

  • PPT Submission

  • Question and Answer Posting

  • Listing in Classified

  • Business Listing

  • Press Release

  • Search Engine Submission

  • Pinging.




Off-Page SEO, directly related to the Practices to get Rank High In Search Engine Search Result Page.

For This, A website owner, Make different types of links on Other Website, Posting Articles, Commenting different Websites and Social media, Posting in Web Directories, Listing in Search Engines, Submit PDF Files and PPT Files, Doing Questioning & answering, etc.

but All  Things doing for Backlinks and Website Growth. It helps to Gain High Traffic on Website. Off-Page SEO is An Most Important Part of SEO Process and Backlinks are Most Important Part of off-Page SEO.

A Website Rank Fully Depends on Backlinks and Their Quality. Best Quality Backlinks Mean High Rank and High Traffic. So I Suggest Make fewer Amount Backlinks but It Should be Quality Backlinks.

and One More thing to remember about Backlinks that Make Backlinks in Proper Rato as 80: 20. 80% Backlinks Should be Dofollow Backlinks and 20% Backlinks should be Nofollow.

That is the Best Ratio to Maintain Your Website Rank for Long.