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Mobile Marketing – Overview

Mobile Marketing is a New generation marketing of products and services. Mobile marketing is doing by most of the Trading Companies and businesses all over the world.

they used to mobile marketing to communicate and engage with their potential customers in an interactive and relevant way.

The Particular Company creates a short message to promote their Business or brand products but a message has the power of Interaction with Potential Customer to Convert it, Customer. These Messages creates especially to deliver messages on mobile devices which are support internet or Smartphones.

Here, we will explain the important part and process of a mobile marketing strategy. we will explain different methods to create multiple mobile marketing campaigns.we will also explain here that how to check and calculate Return on Investment (ROI) of a particular campaign.

beside this, we will also explain other required important topic related to mobile marketing such as an effect of mobile technology, Online resources, and the habits and behavior of mobile users all over the world.

According to Gartner,”By 2017, U.S. customers’ mobile engagement behavior will drive mobile commerce revenue to 50 percent of U.S. digital commerce revenue.”


Mobile Marketing – Meaning | What is mobile marketing?

In short, mobile marketing is the Promotion of the Product & Services of a brand or business as a Video, webLink, and Images that is optimized for Mobile Devices and smartphones.

All Marketing Promotions Runs in a Mobile device with Free Apps, social network Sharing, and websites.

Mobile Marketing is a Strategy for marketing the product or services on Mobile Devices. As it Known as the marketing strategy, mobile marketing authorize a Brand or business to reach a larger group of people than focusing solely on desktop digital marketing practices.

According to SiriusDecisons, 67% of the purchasing activities doing digitally. In addition, Flurry reported that the average number of American people spends more than 4 hrs/day on smartphones.

These Days, Online Marketing Professionals or agencies are Gaining Benefits from the number of time people spends on their smartphones.

We Use our Smartphones Everyday to use Apps, social Networks and WEbsite Browsing, it Forces the Marketers to Make marketing campaigns specialized for Smartphones and other Mobile Device Users around locally and worldwide through Different digital platforms.


Mobile Marketing – Importance | Why Mobile Marketing?

Mobiles are the Most Important part of our Modern Life lives, today.  brand and Businesses choose mobile devices as people’s First medium to connect around the world.

One can Connect with other people, can collect information and Businesses also do that to Connect their Customers or Potential Customers.

Due to good Results, many  Brand or businesses are actively creating new mobile marketing strategies to reach the final and Potential Customers.

Mobile Marketing Playing an Important role in this Process.

In the Modern world, mobile marketing is a common and effective tool that Maximum Brand or Businesses used to Target their Potential Customers to Aware, To Educate, to Provide Information on their Personal Device.

A Brand Do some kinds of mobile marketing campaign among their Local Area People.

Trending, Every Business knows very well that Maximum User User Mobile Devices so They Could be Targeted on their Personal Mobile Device.

According to this Thought, They Try to Reach Their Potential customer by Using Mobile Marketing Strategies and techniques.

There are Different Techniques and methods to do Mobile Marketing. Maximum Big Brands like as E-commerce giant “Amazon“, manufacturing juggernaut “General Motors” Uses This Method because of its Effectiveness.

They are following “mobile first” approach,  to creating a marketing strategy for their business growth. It is the Best approach to catch the Customers on their Mobile Device.

It creates the First Impression in the Customers Mind.

Brand or Businesses are also aware of the features of Mobile Devices that because of influencing Nature of mobile phones. In Modern Time, The use & Influence of Mobile Device has Increased than past time.

In Starting, We Can do with Mobile Device such as simple text & voice Calls.

Now the time has been Changed, With Latest Mobile Device, People can order foods, read & buy a news Paper/magazine/book, One Can Find their childhood friend on their smartphones on Social Media with a single touch.

Keep in mind, Backlinks Hub will Explain Different Types of mobile marketing campaign That are Used and adopted by the Big Brands to Reach their Customers. Some important of them are Following:

  • Mobile Apps Campaign
  • Mobile Website Campaign
  • Mobile Advertising Campaign
  • M-Commerce Campaign
  • Mobile Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • SMS Campaign
  • Mobile Email-Marketing Campaign


 Modern Mobile technology

Mobile technology changing rapidly. The technology used in Modern Mobile Devices is So Different From the Earliest Mobile Devices.

The journey started with the Simple wireless Mobile phone and Ended on the sleek advanced smartphone has the result of a number of researches, discoveries, and amazing innovations.

With the 4G mobiles Devices available today, users can do more with their Latest 4G smartphones than just sending a Simple voice message or call and SMS.

With The Modern Mobile Devices, Users can Search and browse on the web, They Can check weather Update, They can Buy & read a book, There can Make a to-do-list in their Mobile, They Can use Mobile as a Music Device and carry the favorite music always.

Users Can find their Unknown ways with The Help of Google Map in their Mobile Device at new Location. , There are a Large Number of Features Available in Modern Mobile Devices so You Can do much more with your Mobile device.

If you are using Internet Service in Your Mobile Device then you can Think that you have all the world and Information related to it in your Pocket as  Mobile Device.


Mobile Marketing – Mobile Technology & Its Reach

In such Conditions, a business owner wishing to use the mobile marketing methods & technique to aware the group of people.

Different top ways in which mobile technologies have changed the user interface. There is Much use of technology which helps to reach more people. some of them are the following:

1. Access Mobile Anywhere anytime

Today, A Mobile Device can be used anywhere, anytime in the world. tablet and mobile devices have the same User Interface approximately.

Unlike desktops and laptops, Mobiles and Tablets are easy to carry. Nowadays, Users can use the internet in mobile devices with the help of Wifi or Network Service Provider at anywhere and anytime.

Due to High Use of Mobile Devices and tablets, the Use of laptops is decreased somewhat.


2. Websites are more Complex to use than Mobile Apps 

When Customers use the Both, Website as well as Mobile App, They use that medium mostly which is more convenient and easy to use because both the platform have different User Interface.

Companies like that e-commerce portal or merchant store have noticed that the sales and the subscriptions they are getting from both platforms, the Ratio of Apps are higher in comparison to the Website.

It Shows that online purchasing through mobile apps is easier than the website. that’s the reason, use of mobile apps are increasing and every business developing their apps to become more convenient and easy handling.


3. personalized Advertising Possible 

Businesses Consider the Mobile Devices a Personal Device because of Its Need and Use as Personally. You know very Well everybody carries their Mobile Device everywhere and use it.

because mobile is the Most Important Part of our day to day life than a laptop or a desktop. Therefore, the brands target their mobile phones according to their interest.

they receive the content on their mobile phones have Personal Interest basis Content.


4. Social media can be used on Mobile Devices

Whether The customers are professionals, students, businessmen, teenagers, and home-makers etc. 

it is common that People spend more than 3 hours a week on their favorite social Network. the most Popular Social network in the world is Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook etc.

and the most important thing is most of the people access social Media network on their smartphones and tablets.


5. Mobiles could be used as mini-computers

These days, Technology is Most advanced so due to Improved Technology, technicians and developers are making mobile phones like as a computer system features.

Some Best features of modern mobile devices are faster performance, longer battery life, bigger screens, optimum storage capacity and a number of booster applications.

The Development of phones from a simple calling Mobile device to multi-tasking and easily carriable in the pocket. It also is known as a small size computer in the trending world.

In Modern Time, Mobile phone is not a Mobile only, It is Something Special.

People used to their mobile device to not only for communication to others, but also to read the Ebooks, newspapers, To read the Product Review on Merchant Store Website or Shopping Portal, To Get the Knowledge about New Products by Subscribing, and online purchasing also.

A User can Order online Anything by Using a Smartphone. Sometimes, creating Professional mobile marketing strategy plays a significant role in the business.


Mobile Marketing – Strategy | What is Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Before starting to creating a mobile marketing strategy, you should check the compatibility with your other marketing plans. 

This Process helps you to find out important Terms for your Brand or Business. A Business has Multiple Goals according to time and situation. but as a Marketer, it is the Responsibility of a Marketer that synergize the marketing strategy with the current priority according to time and situation of your Brand or Business.

it doesn’t Matter that Your Current Goal is product branding Or is customer acquisition and lead generation.

Maybe it’s none of these and it is about social network engagement and viral marketing. Whatever it is, In other words, Look at How you can Create Effective mobile marketing strategy for your Business or brand to Reach Your Potential Customer through Mobile Devices.


Mobile Marketing –  Process of Strategy Creation

There are Different Elements included to Complete the Process of Strategy Creation for Mobile marketing. Some Important Steps are the Following:

 1. Information Research

To make a Plan, there is a need of Such Information to Identify the Problems. So If you want to Make Strategies for Mobile Marketing then you Have to make Searches about the Market in which your business dependent and works. It is the first step. 

we explaining here that what Types of research you should be done.

  1. Find out what mobile marketing is working in your industry.
  2. Collect the Data Related to product or services such as research analysis reports, whitepapers, case studies etc.
  3. Start a Full Tracking analysis by Browsing their official sites, Publishing press releases, Related online campaign etc.


2. Targeted Audience Identification

To Make your Campaign Successful, It is Necessary that You should have known about your targeted Audience.

Identify your targeted audience is the 2nd Step of the Process. When you Take some Steps to do this, it will help you in decision Making and developing a successful marketing strategy for the campaign.

These are the three steps that you have to follow while identifying your targeted audience:

  • Create a Full Detailed List of potential customers and Allot an Actual Name & Identity;
  • Start Doing online surveys, emails to Customers to know their Problems, Need, Queries and Questions they have;

Create a customer Detailed Index behalf on their profession, the task they perform and age, etc.


3. Describing the Offerings Value

The Third step to Process is Describing the Offerings Value. A Brand should have ready to Give Some Question’s answer before running a Mobile Marketing campaign.

Some Important Questions are the following:

  • What are the Benefits of Product or Services to the End Customers? 
  • What are the Extra benefits of your Product or services offered in comparison to your competitor Brands?
  • How is this Product or services Fulfill the Need of Customer?
  • How is this Product or services fit with their Budget?

It is most important to Understand the unique selling proposition of your product or services. you should have an understanding of your product’s USP.

It helps the businesses to engage your Potential customers better from the time you first introduced with them to the time they repeat back as old customers.

when brands describe the value offering in their marketing Plan, the mission of making new customers and organizing the old ones is much easier.


4. Define Objectives & Goals

When you are a Brand or Business then you have objectives & Goal. so here is a question arise that What is the Objective of your marketing Activites and efforts?.

It is one of the most important questions for a Brand or Business. It helps to determine the budget you need for marketing processes and the particular Medium you have selected to market your product and services.

You will define it in clear form that what is your Objective to do marketing.  It May be anything else. Maybe it is more sales or more brand awareness.

Every Business has Different Objectives Always according to Need and Opportunity. 


Mobile Marketing – Policies | What is Mobile Marketing Policy?

It is Necessary to running easily on your mobile marketing, you need to specify the Accepted policies on which Business Strategies are Depending.

Mobile Marketing policy means “keep prioritize the privacy standards of Customers that are need of brand for the smoothening in a marketing campaign.

It is a Safety Step towards mobile device users to save them from unwanted call and messages on their smartphones.

 It should be the First step that making sure is Disallow Spam Messages or calling. Mobile marketing content should be real and unique like as Other content.

Brand’s mobile marketing campaign should always be on Front. To get the Right rewards, use Appropriate policy and medium for marketing Campaign.


Important Elements to make Mobile Marketing strategies

At the Time, When you are Defining Mobile Marketing Strategies, You should keep in mind all the things that matter for making Strategies. all Important elements are the following: −

  1. Predefined goal setting: You should plan what you want to do and what is your business goal. Make your goal activity quantifiable, realistic, measurable, timely active.
  2. Market Research: A Business should Be Known about Market Conditions and situation every time. Business requires Timely Research about The Market Trends that what is favorable and what is not.
  3. Marketing Medium: You have to decide the Marketing channel or medium for effectiveness in your campaign. Choose the Best Medium according to your product or services. start doing where you want to go up.  Other words, social Network platforms, mobile websites, Mobile Apps, Inbox Messages with the link, etc.
  4. Targeted audience Habits: Know your targeted audience nature and behavior.
  5. Message Design: Convert your Message in Small Phrase. Write your message Body part, decide where and how will you publish this to make your audience hear it.
  6. Sharing Contact List:  You should create a List of those Users who are interested in your Product or services and whom you want to share your content.
  7. Tracking your work: Track your work and activity very well and analyze how well you are doing your work.
  8. Find out Problems:  after all complex processes, identify the Problem areas where you are weak and where you have to improve.


Mobile Marketing – Mobile Users | Understanding Mobile Users

Smartphones help users to navigate the Globe in their Mobile Phones. Customers use their mobile Phones for all Online searches and queries for their needs.

They step ahead on behalf of information given on search result page related to query. So marketer needs to increase Internet Marketing and should come front on searches to be found on mobiles.


 Mobile Marketing – Statistics of Mobile Users

As per the survey carried out by Google in partnership with Ipsos OTX MediaCT on 5000+ users, 89% use smartphones throughout the day.

Out of this −

  • 75% navigate
  • 89% stay connected
  • 45% manage and plan
  • 70% uses mobile devices to make a purchase
  • 82% notice ads on mobile devices of which around 42% go ahead and click on ads
  • 82% research and read news
  • 65% entertain



Mobile Marketing is a Very Effective way to Market Your Product or services among its users. You can Target the users according to given Information by the User at the time of subscription on their Personal Mobile Devices.

You can target them everywhere always, it doesn’t matter where they are. In Mobile Marketing Campaign, You Should Keep in mind that You have to Follow the Marketing Policies at every aspect of Marketing because to Run a Smooth Mobile Marketing, It is Necessary that Keeps Users data Safe and No uses of Spammy messages and Calls.