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Link Building Tools – Overview

The Link Building Tool assembles a listing of link building opportunities on your own domain name and offers you a management port to conduct an outreach effort so as to potentially acquire hyperlinks.

With this tool makes it Simple run an outreach campaign and to conduct an analysis. Considering that the outdated link building applications that put opinions like GSA’s Search Engine Ranker or Kontent Machine tools have moved into a study and platforms.

Actually, a number of my tools are for PR. This listing has both PR programs which may be used for link building, in addition to link building tools that are certain. There are a few tools specific to connect.

Hyperlink construction plans have changed through recent years. Tools That Lots of marketers use now seem more like ones used for public relations (PR) instead of connection building.


Link Building Tools –  Types

The Link Building tools available can be Divided into three Types. All three types are the following:

  • Link investigation Tools.
  • Exploitation & Outreach Tools.
  • Description Tools


Link  investigation Tools

Since I always observe each having information the other does 19, I have included the two sites. These tools may be used to create a collection of websites to test.

You might come across some connections in Majestic which are not recorded in Ahrefs, and vice versa to you our your opponents’ websites.

I believe research of locating websites but the practice of determining which sort of websites you ought to be coming, not the process.

Below are the 2 tools together with the biggest database of reporting and connections. As a consequence, that you must be establishing authority metrics, categories of websites, quality standards, along with others.

As with search engine optimization tools, the pricing is determined and includes bundles in the event that you cover monthly or the year.


1. Majestic (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: $79.99/month with 1 user
  • Payment Terms: Monthly or annual

Image result for

Below are a few recommendations about what reports must influence your connection construction and the best way best to use it. I am able to play in Majestic for days swimming.


  • Topics: This information may be utilized to identify the kinds of websites. Look at running this report on the connection profiles to get high websites locating websites that fit into categories.


  • Referring Domains: Use this to appraise:

1. the number of special domain names you ought to really be focusing on building for your website.
2. The trust/citation flow supply (count of domain names by trust/citation stream ).


2. Ahrefs (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: $99/month with only 1 user
  • Payment Terms: Monthly or annual

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Compared to Majestic, Ahrefs has some reports which are easier to run within the tool. Then Ahrefs is still the ideal option if you would like to have more information, although it costs more.


Here are Some reports to use of Ahrefs SEO Tool over Majestic Tool:

Pages – Based on links: Two helpful applications of the report are:
1. Identify opponents’ most connected articles to impact your content plans.
2. Identify kind of websites which relate to articles you will create.


Pages – Based on link growth: This can be a”fashion” report that offers content that’s generating hyperlinks within the previous 30 days. Locate content here which is currently getting a number of hyperlinks and create.

Exploitation & Outreach Tools

You can create a list of majority outreach and websites to spare time, but if you are assessing on your link building achievement: Would be the part of link building. It’s ideal to manage to prospect inside a semi-automated strategy or manually.


  1. Connect gained several hours.
  2. The standard of these links.

May be utilized for the link.


3. Broken Link Builder by Citation Labs (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: Starts at $67/month
  • Strategy: Broken link building
  • Using: Exploitation


Within the report, you’ll have a record of links together with the websites which are currently pointing to all those links. This instrument is well worth noting at the list because it can decrease the time necessary to discover links that are broken.

Image result for Broken Link Builder by Citation Labs


4. Pitchbox (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: $99-$1,500+/month
  • Strategy: Online Page Rank, Influencer, Blogger. 
  • Using: Exploitation, outreach.


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It would be an email program When it wasn’t for a couple of attributes: compared to programs such as MailChimp pitch box is one of the more pricey tools in the marketplace, but the prospecting helps to decrease the opportunity.

  • Prospecting websites list builder.
  • SEO metrics incorporated into the chances report.


5. BuzzSumo (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: $99-$499+/month
  • Strategy: Influencer, Blogger, 
  • Using: Exploitation


Image result for BuzzSumo


What a fantastic tool for constructing lists of sites, influencers, and writers! Out of the tools on this listing, BuzzSumo gets the best. Businesses can use Buzzsumo tool for different purposes, but if you want to use for link building, there are two effective way to use:


Identifying authors: The content study and segments that are influencers supplies lists of authors/influencers that are searchable by keywords from the content that they produced or shared.

One fantastic use-case for this is to hunt via the”most common” report and discover influencers that received over 2,000 shares of the content afterward outreach for them to discuss yours. This may yield many links that are natural.

Identifying sharers/backlinkers: The use-case that next goes a layer deeper discovering. A listing of backlinking sites or stocks by content produce content, although similar.


6. Ontolo (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: $97-$297+/month
  • Strategy: Blog rolls, influencer, Blogger, directories, Resource linking
  • Using:  Exploitation


Image result for Ontolo

Ontolo might become your instrument of choice if you are a hyperlink builder. It does not possess BuzzSumo’s installment, but it is made up for by its features.


7. BrightLocal (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: $3/site or $2/side bulk
  • Strategy: Local citations
  • Using: Citation SubmissionsExploitation, Outreach, 


There are two elements to BrightLocal: citation construction and citation tracking. Among those tools with the ideal value for handling and submitting citations is BrightLocal. Citation construction is essential for neighborhood SEO and ought to be thought of a hyperlink construction job.


Image result for BrightLocal


8. Link Assistant (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: $124-$299/year
  • Strategy: Directories, Resource LinkingBlogger, Influencer, Blog Rolls, 
  • Using: Exploitation, Outreach


Image result for Link Assistant


Since you filter through the listing of websites on some of those lists that are prospecting, you may make a customized email. Part of the SEO Power Suite has some openings packaged to the performance that is prospecting.

I am not going to speak to the old approaches that Connect Assistant may be utilized for (e.g. forum linking), however also the guest post, giveaways, and hyperlinks pages (resource web pages ) could yield a sizable, unfiltered list that you dig through.


9. Muck Rack (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: Starting at $2,000/year
  • Strategy: Influencer outreach, online Public Relation
  • Using: Exploitation, outreach


Image result for Muck Rack articles



Here you may discover journalists for market or important books. Link building is moving toward influencer outreach and online PR, so PR applications ought to be on this listing.

Do not expect to use since it is an actual online play, link building strategies to acquire placements herewith. Compared to the programs, link building is a portion of your own effort.

Description Tools

Though lots of the tools in the last section have reporting functionality I have found them to lack the capacity or customized reporting to functionality to links.


10. Google Sheets (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: For free
  • Strategy: Online PRInfluencer, directories, citations.


Image result for google sheet


You didn’t have to expect to see google sheet which is a widely-accessible application in a list for link building, but google sheet has the ability to fully customizing so you can customize your reports means you can use google sheet for almost any reporting Data.

To Create a simple report on google sheet,  you can create a link Related and their quality report.

Include the following columns on the sheet:

  • Fields
    • Date Received
  • Domain Link details
    • Domain
    • Source URL (page of the link)
    • Used Anchor text
    • Written Page title
    • Last Destination URL (what page on your site the link points to)
  • Detail of Linking domain Statistics
    • DA( Domain Authority)
    • PA (Page Authority)
    • Destination of Linking domains (Ahrefs linking pointing)
    • Number of Total links (Ahrefs links pointing)
    • Total number of Spam score 

11. Agency Analytics (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: $49-$499/month
  • Strategies: Online PRInfluencer outreach, Citations, Directories.


Agency Analytics automatically populates the dashboard data out of Moz and Majestic and joins that information to vital performance metrics, such as organic and ranking traffic.

Qualified traffic which converts to sales or leads is the objective of our link building and SEO campaigns so reporting wants to create a link between them.


Image result for Agency Analytics


12. Cyfe (Link Building Tools)

  • Price: $19/user per month
  • Strategy: Online PRInfluencer outreach, Directories, Citations

This instrument could be constructed out as a hybrid involving Agency Analytics and Google Sheets, meaning it is very customizable but may readily, and mechanically, aggregate information from several sources to make an account.


Image result for Cyfe


But first and foremost, I expect you can get a tool here. I want you to see the diversity from the resources that are available and you will have to decide on the perfect one for your job.

I have curated this listing together with the intention of supplying tools to this straightforward and solutions to enterprise-level.

You do not have to get a monthly tool budget for a hyperlink builder, however, they all will take some time.