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Link Building  – Overview

Whether you are new to link building Practices or doing it for a long time, I am sure you will find here some useful tips for your SEO Practice.

The behaviour of link building is regularly changing. today, building high-quality links is becoming the need of every online business and its importance increasing day by day.

Every Online business wants to get Page Rank to earn more and Get High Traffic on their website. To get High Rank in Search Engine Results Pages, Link Building Plays an Important Role.

High-Quality Links Gives the Website High-Quality Page Rank (PR) and High-Quality Domain Authority (DA).

High-Quality PR and DA gives High Rank in Googe Page Rank System and Search Engine Result Pages.

If you are a Business and want to exist for a long time, The Link Building Processes are most important for your existence.

There is a Need to understand the importance of High-Quality Link Building if you compete online. This guide is designed to provide the Knowledge about the right direction.


Link Building – Meaning | What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of trying to getting backlinks from different websites that are related to the same category. 

By doing this process, we are trying to increase the Domain authority of our Blog/website/Page.

It is very Difficult to gain links naturally from Different Websites, especially for some Selected websites, Due to some reasons, there is need to gain these High-Quality links ourselves to get Good Rank in Google and search engine result pages.


Link Building -Definition 

According to Moz, “Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.

A hyperlink (usually just called a link) is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet.

Search engines use links to crawl the web; they will crawl the links between the individual pages on your website, and they will crawl the links between entire websites.

There are many techniques for building links, and while they vary in difficulty, SEOs tend to agree that link building is one of the hardest parts of their jobs.

Many SEOs spend the majority of their time trying to do it well. For that reason, if you can master the art of building high-quality links, it can truly put you ahead of both other SEOs and your competition.”


WebLink Formation

before Link Building, You should know about how a web link is formatted, how the search engines consider web links and what they learn about them? There are Mainly Four Steps to know this process very well. all four steps are the following:



1. First Step (Start of link tag)

It Called an anchor tag (hence the “a”), it opens link tag and gives information to search engines that it is a Link about something and there is something else also to follow


2. Second Step (Link referral location)

The Sign “href” refers to “hyperlink referral,” and the text or Name inside the marks shows the URL to which the weblink is created.

This doesn’t always indicate a web page; it can the address of an image or something other to download.

In Special Cases, you will find something rather than a URL, It starts with a # sign.

These are Has Tags or local links to the different aspects of Page where you are staying already, it can take you to a different part of the same page where you are.


3. Third Step (Visible/anchor text of the link) 

It is very Small in length and users see this Text on the page. it is the part on which they have to click, they have to click to open the link for further action.

It is usually formatted in Special way to make it Different from the text. often, you can see this with blue color and or underlining.

Its color Indicate that it is a clickable web link.


4. Fourth Step (Closure of link tag) 

It is the fourth part of any weblink. It Gives the information to the Search Engine that Link Tag is ending here.


Link Building – Links for search engines|How search engine use Links?

There are two Different fundamental ways that a search engine uses links for something:

  • To find new pages on Websites.
  • Helps by Results that how well a Webpage should rank in their Related Search results.

When search engine Bot crawled pages of the websites, they extract the content and data of all those crawled pages and add it to their Database index.

In this Process, Search Engine Bots decide what to do with the Page if Search engine bots Decide that a page has sufficient Data quality to be ranked High for relevant keywords (Google ‘s short video to explain full process). Then Google Provides Rank to that website.


When Bots decided, the search engines Bots don’t just check the data content of the page; It also checks the number of Hyperlinks to that Particular page from external websites and the quality of All external Linked Websites.

In Other Words, Links to More high-quality websites, Increases Chances to get more high Rank in Search engine Result Pages (SERP) for a Related Search Query.


When Google consider Links as a ranking factor in the Search Engine Result Pages. Google dominates the search engine market.

Larry Page is One of Google’s founders, he invented the TERM “Page Rank”, which Google used to measure the quality of a webpage based on the number of links created on it.

This Process was used for the ranking algorithm and Gives the strong signal to the websites because it was the best way of deciding the quality of a webpage.


However, SEO Executives discovered how to Over rule Page Rank System and search results for related Queries of Google.

Google has started to find the ways to Find out all websites that were over rulling search results of Google, and At Last, Google changes its Policies to Give Rank for a Website regular updates which were specially made for filtering all the websites.


Google has started some link building techniques. for example, submitting a website to different web directories and receiving a backlink in return.

Google actually recommended this technique at one point, but due to overuse by SEO Executives, Google stopped passing on the value from what types of links.


Google has changed its Ranking Policies again. Google has started penalized the rankings of all websites who have tried much overuse of the techniques.

Google’s regular Penguin updates are the examples. Knowledge about the google’s latest policies that which techniques to avoid and stay. It is the very Important part of Google’s guidelines. 


Nobody knows about the full algorithm that Google uses to its search results “that is the company’s secret.” Despite that fact, according to the 2015 Moz search ranking factors survey, links still play an important role in Google’s algorithm. 


Link Building – Weighting of the ranking factors in Google



Abbreviations Used in Chart:

DLLF  – (Domain-Level Link Features)
PLLF   (Page-Level Link Features)
PLKWCF  – (Page-Level KW & Content Features)
PLKAF   – (Page-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features)
DLBF   – (Domain-Level Brand Features)
UU   – (User, Usage, & Traffic Query Data)
SM    (Social Metrics)
DLKU   – (Domain-Level Keyword Usage)
DLKAF   – (Domain-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features)

Factors Affecting Google Rank:

It is fact that if all factors are equal, the quantity and quality of backlinks created on a  page will Help to get high ranking in Google Page rank System.

Some recent changes from Google, including the Google Penguin updates, there is Different thoughts said that the effectiveness of links is being decreased and exchanged with Social Media Links.


now, there is a doubt that if you receive high-quality backlinks to the website, it helps you to get better rank and High traffic.

We have used “high-quality” word several times, There is a Reason to Use again and again.

the reason is that It is Becomes very Typical to Exist online with Low-Quality Backlinks, You Have to Focus on Quality Backlinks to escape from Google Website filtering.

Google will not provide any rank to the websites which have low rank.

This Activity affects Directly SEO Executives. SEOs need to Focus on Quality link Building and use advanced and effective techniques to focus on Quality of the links.


Link Building – Benefits | How can link building benefit my business?

As we have mentioned above, links building is important because of the search engine use the links to give rank.

So, we explaining that excess of high-quality links created on the website can increase your chances to get High Rank in Search engine result pages (SERP). 

There are many benefits of link building for the website. some of them are here to explain about benefits of link building.


Long-term Relationships

Link building can involve outreach to other websites and sites on your business. This outreach is related that you generated, like a part of an infographic or material.

A frequent objective of outreach is to obtain a connection, but there’s quite a bit more to it than simply this Outreach will be able to help you construct long-term relationships with key influencers on your business, and such relationships can signify that your business gets highly regarded and reliable.

This in itself is invaluable, even when we overlook link building for an instant, since we’re producing evangelists and urges to our business.


helps to Send referral traffic

What about the effects of hyperlinks on traffic visitors, although we have talked about the effects of hyperlinks on your positions? A connection in the highly-visited website may result in a growth in visitors.

When it’s a website, odds are that the visitors are applicable and might cause growth in earnings. In this scenario, a link’s value is about SEO.


In addition, he composed a case study describing how precious this article was to him. “There is a large difference between being subjected to a massive crowd,” he states, “and being vulnerable to some relatively smaller (but still big ) audience that’s ridiculously enthused.”

To put it differently, the enthusiastic followers of one blog proved much more inclined to spend the recommendation of the blogger than (like ) audiences were to look closely at this anchor on CNN, even when the latter group outnumbered the prior.



Link construction that is Fantastic will help establish you and build your brand.

There are a few link building methods, such as content production, which may show the experience of your business to people, and this may go a long way.

By way of instance, if you release it and make a piece of content based upon business data, you have a possibility of getting known for this. Whenever you attempt to have hyperlinks to the content and do outreach, you’re showing your experience and asking people in your business to help show others exactly the same and spread the word.


link building vs link “earning”

Before creating links, you require something of significance to construct links to. It’s the homepage of your website.

More frequently than not you construct links to resources like an instrument, a post, research or picture.

These resources exist before you start your link building effort. Other times, you make these tools especially. The significance of getting Webpages worth linking to.


This presents the concepts of connection making and”deserving to a position.” All link building campaigns need to begin with something worth connecting to.

It is rather tricky to construct links but if you start with something that we find share-worthy or helpful, link building is a simpler endeavor.



Link Building is a very Important Part in Offline SEO. Link Building Provides High PR and high DA from source to the website.

When you get high PR and High DA Backlinks to your website, It will give some benefits to the website.

Due to High-Quality Backlinks, The Web Rank of Website Moves and the traffic on your website is Increased daily basis.

Every business should have concentrated on Build Quality Backlinks to Get High Rank in Search engine result pages for the particular query or related keyword.

Link Building is Long Time Work for your website. Link Building provides Its effectiveness to the website for a long time.

so website rank will be high for a long time. you will need to update your SEO process or practices time to time to be updated in google Database.