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Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites Overview

Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites: An SEO Executive know very well that High Quality Backlinks comes from High PR directories so your First target should be Listed in Web Directory.

When we Start an Online Blog or Business targeted to a large number of people, it is needed that the Information should be Reach to all.

There are Different methods to do this process induces Online Paid Marketing, Guest Blogging, Link Building, directory submission etc.

However, Web Directory submission is one of the Most efficient method of the off Page SEO In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. Directory submission  is a fast and Efficient method of Promoting the Brand or Business.

We start directory submission to create backlinks and get better Page Rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

There is one thing to remember, while you are Submitting you Business into web directory, you should Check first the moz rank and DA (Domain Authority) of that particular directory where you want to submit your Business Website or blog.

Instant Approval Directory is that which approves the added websites very fast (instantly). Instant Approval means you can see your Website live instantly as you Submit you website in Web Directory. Like a Phone Directory, A Web directory also a database of Contact Information of a Business or Brand to Find their Website. It is a Place or database where you can add or submit your business or brand website or blog to get Online Presence. Like a Phone Directory, you can find the Business or brand by their name or contact Information, It is Web Directory Submission.

It is a  beneficial Method to Get rank for the newly developed Website. It Helps to get better MOZ Rank and DA (Domain Authority) so instant approval Web directory used while doing SEO Practices.

NOTE: You should Check first the moz rank and DA (Domain Authority) of that particular directory where you want to submit your Business Website or blog


Instant Approval Directory Submission Websites List

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Types of Directory Submission

There are different types of directory Submission, some useful and important types are the following:

  1. Niche Directory Submission
  2. Free Directory Submission
  3. Nofollow Directory Submission
  4. Paid Directory Submission
  5. Dofollow Directory Submission
  6. Regular Reciprocal Directory Submission
  7. Automatic Directory Submission
  8. Manual Directory Submission

Benefits of Instant Directory Submission

There are Many Benefits of Instant Directory Submission. Some important benefits are the following:

  • The Web Directory Submission Mostly free
  • Fast Indexing your Website
  • Index Maximum Pages in Search Engine
  • High Link Popularity
  • Improve SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Rank
  • Improve Focus Keyword targeting
  • improve Website Page Rank
  • Improve Social Media Presence
  • Increase Your Brand awareness
  • Increase website Traffic and Gives More customers


A Business or brand wants to get Reached to Everyone nearby and world wide Recognition. A Directory submission makes it Possible through their Linking system. Every Business Should Submit their website in Well Recognised and High DA web Directory to Get useful and effective Results. a Business could be Well Recognised due to High Quality web Directory.