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Email Marketing – Overview

Email marketing has no immediacy in the real-time like as social media marketing, but marketers use email to find new customers. 

Marketers find always a new strategy for campaigns and try to integrate them into their overall marketing practices.

If you follow the rules of methodical and think about creating and maintaining Super Quality, Special email lists for users, and start writing value-added content and take the time to measure overall results.

if result displays any change, you can amend in technique or method based on what will work and what didn’t work, After analyzing the results of email marketing.

Email marketing provides an impressive return on investment. to your business with a bulk of Emails


Email marketing considers as a vital tool for small-scale companies or Businesses that want to manage the relationship with potential and regular customers through sending marketing messages. 

It is the Fast and Cheap tool to Reach the Customer. Most of the Businesses Used Email Marketing due to its effectiveness and Low Cost.

But all the email sending to subscriber or user are not only Marketing of the Products. but also email marketing offers complicated opportunities to target the right people at the right time with messages and do business seriously.


Response rates of these types bulk emails sent to subscribers or user are higher than for direct mailings because every person thinks different to others, and everyone has a different purpose to use email.

60-70 Percent of general public who have email id open all emails and check the subject and body part of an email.

Results of Email Marketing can be measured and analyzed through a specific tool and used to make more effective email marketing with Special Focus.


Direct marketing by doing sending email to old customers is a good decision to communicating about new product or services method for any small firm that depends on its own website for much of its business activity.

special offers and new products could be the highlight in Email Messages then recipients clicks on the offer Link and headed to Website.


Email marketing can affect badly to its recipient and the Business Marketing in Present. In Present Time, Email Portals Has divided emails into different Categories and there is a Special Category as Promotion Email.

Maximum Promotion Email Comes under that Particular Category by default. however. In Present time, Indiscriminate emailing seems as spam messages.

Email Portal Tracks every email of the Receipant before come and send it to The Particular Category which types of data or message Body it has.


Email Portal Tracks emails on the basis of Responsibility and relevance. These are the watchwords to track Email data.

You should have approval to email the recipients. Permission must be there when new data protection laws “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) come in 2018.

you have to prove that you are doing all you can to protect people personal data. And if you want to give positive Response about Personal data you have collected from them, You should Mention this in your Policy and Your Email before Collecting data.

you should send messages that are valuable to them in real.


Email Marketing – Meaning | What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Means Promoting a Brand or business by sending emails and newsletters to its Customers and Potential Customer about Discount and offers.

We call it email marketing. The scenario is Different Today, marketers required to more extra Efforts with their Previous Work and Knowledge.

They need to communicate with their audience in a highly personalized way because of Different types of email category available. Everybody ignore Spam messages or extra messages that are out of user interest.


Email Marketing is a Cost Efficient Method but It Charges some Cost to the user. A Lowest Cost Also Considers as A Cost because of it Charges somewhat even it is Very Low so Your Marketing should be effective when you are working with the low budget.

Marketers who are perfect in email marketing can Communicate with their customers in a special targeted way.

They get success in Giving Return of Investment and revenue back to the Brands through Email Marketing.


No marketing Channel perform well for long. Marketing Channels and Strategies required timely updation and Changes as Changing Environment.

Business Environment Changes timely according to People Interest so Marketing Strategies also Required Change.

Email Marketing Remain Powerful Tools Due to Regular Use of Emails by the user. A User who Use the Internet and Other Online Mediums, they use email ID for their Online Contacts and Registration Processes so Email ID is Compulsory when you use Online Mediums.


Due to regular Use of Email, Email Marketing Remains Most Powerful Channel to the Modern Marketer. While some marketing Channel Become non-Performing method due to Changing Technology, Changing Environment.

These Marketing Channels Comes Rapidly and Go Rapidly, email remains the most powerful channel available to the modern marketer.


Email Marketing – Definition

According to Vangie Beal,Email marketing is a type of direct digital marketing that uses electronic mail (also called email or e-mail) as the marketing communication delivery method. Email marketing is used in a number of ways by organizations and marketers for brand and customer loyalty building, acquiring or converting customers, company advertisements, or for communicating promotional offers and more.”

According to Wikipedia,Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.

In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

Marketing emails can be sent to a purchased lead list or a current customer database. The term usually refers to sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing a merchant’s relationship with current or previous customers, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business, acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately, and sharing third-party ads.”


Email Marketing – Importance | Why Should We Do Email Marketing?

Email is a Communication Medium that everyone uses today in the world, and it uses continuously increasing to Make Communication Better because Every Business Growth Depends on Proper Communication Service and Product quality.

Communication Medium uses to Aware the People about New Product and Services and its uses.


It Increases the Chances of more sales and it helps to grow the Business sales and Growth. There are More email accounts than Facebook & Twitter accounts combined.

The Market area of Email is More than Other Network. Many big Brands from all, some are most successful Businesses across the world believes that Email Marketing is the #1 channel for growing the businesses.

If you are doing work as marketing Professional, you can use different types of marketing channels available to out the information for your audience, but due to limited time and limited resources, you have to select Perfect Channel according to Performance and Product of the Brand.

Email Marketing is the most effective marketing medium to attract, engage and connect with the potential audience to increase sales and revenue for your Brand.

Email Marketing – Email List | Creating your email marketing list

It is the first requirement that you should have An up-to-date database of Email List for your email marketing.

You should have to Collect Email Id’s through Different Mediums like Subscriber Form, Feedback form, RSS etc. for your Email Marketing Strategy.

You should keep in mind, There are a Guidelines by Data Protection Rules by Govt.

You Have to Follow the Rules of GDPR. So, You have to Take Permission also from email owner to Send Marketing Email to Your Customers, subscriber, and visitor.

Your collected contact Database must have all the information about user or recipients so that you can target right person at right time.

All subscriber or recipients must have given the permission to you to send marketing emails by accepting the term & Condition on your website or Select option in a form.

Make sure you have included simple tick boxes to Accept Term of use in your Submission Form or Subscriber Form.

Segment your collected email Database into different key groups of users who shared their specific Interest.

Create Different Groups according to your customers that what they have purchased in the past. By This Way, A Business can send Special targeted Emails about Particular product or services to the right people.

Email Marketing – Law and Rules | The law on email marketing

There is a Special Law for Online Marketing Process. According to Law related to Email Marketing, You can contact Those subscribers or customers only who have agreed to receive Marketing Emails for Discounts & Offers from you in the past.

The main important Guideline is that they must have opt-in System as Tick Mark to Sending marketing emails, or spam is illegal.

Any Business or Brand that has registered in Direct Marketing Association’s Email Preference Service database should be removed from your Email List.

According to law, It is illegal to disclose or share subscriber or customers Information with Other Commercial units who work with Email and Contact No. so you should create a mailing group that uses blind carbon copy (BCC).

All commercial emails must be clearly recognizable by the User. At that time, you should use your real ID and you have no right to Hide your own Identity while you sending Email Messages to the Subscriber or Customers.

Finally, each mailing should include an easy ‘unsubscribe’ option, so people can opt out of future mailings if they wish.

Email Marketing – Creating Newsletter | Creating your marketing emails

when you used to send regular Marketing email newsletters and offers Newsletter, the content you use in your marketing emails must be relevant and useful to the Subscriber. 

If you start sending irrelevant Email messages to the recipients, your Subscriber or Customers may start deleting your emails sent by you or unsubscribe.

To ensure relevancy, send Email messages according to specific Group segments Created by you in the database rather than the All Contact Email. 

You can Check given responses to past emails and also customers Purchasing Habits that help to make sure your email message is sending to the right person.

There are many ways to make your email Credible Among your Subscriber or Customers. take attention of your Potential Customer with an Attractive Headline, but don’t use Fake Words about the Products because they show it as like junk or spam mail.

text should be simple, use images in your Newsletter because they catch attention and Use CTA Words (Call to Action) just under Features Describe by you and it should be like a Question that will be a reason to respond.

Forward your subscriber or customer to click through to your site.

You Should Remember that there should not a single mistake in your newsletter email because it will send a Large number of people so Keep in Mind that always review your email and add yourself in the list of the recipients Before pressing ‘send’ Button.

You Have to Check that Is it really created for the right person and is it useful or relevant to the Customer?

A Nice looking email Newsletter is important to get the Chances to open, but some Emailed messages couldn’t be opened due to the recipient’s computer because of software incompatibility


Email Marketing – Tracking | Measuring the response to your emails

If you can Track the result of your email campaigns run by you enable you to Check the Performance of Campaign Strategy that what’s working and what’s not working.

By Tracking the Result of Your Campaign, You can Get information about the Email Messages that how many emails were delivered.

how many people clicked on the email data and how many people Unsubscribed in this time.  To Track Easily of everyone email, Allot a Special code to each email campaign run by you in order to calculate the campaign response rate or click through rate.

It is the Best method to Track the performance of Email Campaign.

It seems that Response rates always high for email marketing than other direct marketing channels or medium.

If you send emails to a large group of people, you can get a High amount of inquiries. at That Time Make sure you can handle all the inquiries and all the orders Successfully on time.