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Dofollow Backlinks | Online Marketing | SEO Practices

Dofollow Backlinks –  Overview

The Term “Dofollow Backlink” used by Google in 2005. This was done to ignore Wrong or bad result that search engines don’t show Wrong results and users will get the best result.

only Dofollow backlinks pass Link Juice to linked pages and affect the focus keyword to rank. 

Dofollow links count for SEO purposes. By default, most of the links that create from websites are Dofollow.

Getting a large number of Dofollow links is the main objective for most of SEO Activities

A Dofollow link looks like this:

<a href=“”>Backlinks Hub</a>

Note: you don’t have to Write any special character to the link for it to be Dofollow.

In other Words, A do-follow link is a link that passes on the Search engine Optimization benefits of the website where it is Created as the hyperlinked.

It is a type of backlink that an SEO Executive will make for SEO.

Links made from high Page Rank ( high Domain Authority) websites will pass the link juices towards the hyperlinked website, It improves website rank position in the search engines database.

So, when you are doing SEO Work,  it is most important to make Quality Dofollow Links, Do your link building Practices on those websites that allow you to create Dofollow backlinks.

These Quality Dofollow links will Increase your link and Provide Extra Benefits to your page rank for SEO.

When Dofollow Backlinks comes to search engine optimization (SEO), then some common terms used for practices that business should know.

after all, this, If you’re not clear about what Dofollow backlinks, don’t worry we will describe in detail. 

Dofollow Backlinks – Meaning | What Are Dofollow Backlinks?

There are mainly two types of backlinks existing yet. they are different in nature according to their ability to pass link juice to the Website.

All Links created in Website are Dofollow Backlinks by default and we have to add some attributes to make the no-follow backlinks.

Dofollow links are the links which transfer the Good Quality Link Juice from the website where it is Hyperlinked.

According to, SEO Executives will build these backlinks for Search engine optimization.

Dofollow Backlinks – Working | How Dofollow Backlinks Work?

Dofollow backlinks allow Google search engine or other search engines is being used, to follow the Links created on a website and help the Search Bots to reach your Particular site. 

Mainly, these links are used for special purposes that it pass on the Search engine optimization benefits of the website where it is located from to the hyperlinked site.

Dofollow links build from high Page Rank and high DA (Domain Authority) websites will pass on the link juice to a hyperlinked websites.

It helps to improve website ranking position in search engine result Pages and Google Page Rank System.

Dofollow Backlinks – Sources | Where To Build Dofollow Backlinks

Before knowing how-to build of Dofollow backlinks, you should know first that where to build these links. You need to do some searches about these types of websites that Provides DoFollow Backlinks. 

there is the huge number of websites you can find online. It is a Method of Offsite optimizationand and it works for long as long as a Source website actives. 

However, it’s  most important to diversify your link websites if you want to get high and effective results.

For Best Practices, You can create links in Different websites such as article Submission websites,  directories Websites Submission, forums, web 2.0 Websites and high Page Rank websites.

For example, don’t simply link the website to building links in article submission and directory submission Website  Even if you make several links in different article submission websites, you need to other communities websites, such as disscussion forums or private blogs.

Dofollow Backlinks – Use | How To Use Dofollow Backlinks?

Dofollow Backlinks from Blog Commenting

as the name suggested, you are well familiar with blog commenting is a common relationship maker tool. if you are not, that it’s also very simple and easy link building method.

1. Make Keyword or Key Phrases

It is the first step to make any Backlink Process. It is very Important Step Step to this process. It Starts with Focus Keywords or key phrases.

You Have to Write a Content with Keyword enriched and have to attached with highest Page Rank dofollow links hyperlinking to it but your keyword should be Common or special for a Particular Content.

It is necesary to get found if no a single search is there, your page will still remain undiscovered forever.

Focus Keyword is the only way to get found your content in google search result pages (SERP) so don’t Take it Easy.

2. Create post commenting – To Particular Blog Posts

Second step is, Commenting on a Blog’s Post to make a Link on a Particular Post. find that types of blogs that are both in your industry and have CommentLuv

CommentLuv is a wordpress plugin that can help you collect List of Links available in a Particular Post. 

blog commenting helps its users to get dofollow links and High rank in Google Page Rank System. 

3. Genuine or real Comments

when you drop a comment on a post by writing something unrealated to the post then this types of all comment will be deleted by website owner so You should value to your Link.

You Should Post Always genuine or real Comment. if you spend more time to reading articles and dropping genuine comments, the chances will be increased to get dofollow Backlinks.

Dofollow Backlinks From Article Submission Directories & Web 2.0 Properties

The article Submission is one of the easiest ways to create dofollow links. There are a Huge Number of websites or directories to subbmit you Article. 

however, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right Directory. Some Articles Submission directories have set for Nofollow Links, not all article submission directories are dofollow links.

Therefore, in order to save your time and work, you have to ignore this types of directory altogether.

You need some space to start building Links. Try the list given below of dofollow sites where you can start Building dofollow Backlinks.


Dofollow Backlinks From Forums

Forums are the great way to get dofollow Backlinks. You Can Start creating Links with your discussion on Forums Websites.

It is a Perfect option for this purpose. However, as like article submission directories, not all the forums websites are dofollow backlinks.

 You Should focus on link building with the concentration in dofollow Backlinks Provider forums websites. Some forums Websites are below in the list:-


Dofollow Backlinks From High PR Blogs

1. Link To Your Home Page

It is a Very effective Way to get Dofollow Backlinks. It will Increase your website Rank high. Try the website Homepage Link to get High Quality Dofollow Link from High PR Blogs or websites.

Go to and create a new free account for your Brand or business if you don’t already have a account.

2. start Writing Your Article

When you have created a Account, start writing an article or story about something trending which is search by people on the Internet.

You article should be at least 500 words long. if you can write more and more then it will beneficial to get rank fast.

While writing your article, don’t forget to use your focus keyword or key phrase properly in the article. your article should Keyword enriched.

By doing this, you are writing SEO friendly article so it will be found in search engine result pages after searches related to that keyword.

In this article, You have to add Your Website Links according to keyword and Keyword Text. 

Lastly, add social network objects to make the article more attractive and outstanding. It will get the more traffic than before.


Dofollow Backlinks are most Important to get High Rank in Google Page Rank System. High Rank Means High Traffic.

You Sould always Create Dofollow Links grater than Nofollow Links. You Can Create Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks Respectively 90:10. It will be the best Combination for Backlinks.

There is a need of Dofoloow Backlinks to get rank rather than Nofollow links. You should do your SEO Practices Regularly due to links Breakage.

Sometimes links are broken. So Keep Your SEO Upto Date and Your Website will get High Rank.