High PR Directory Submission Websites List 2019

High PR Directory Submission Sites List 2019 | Off Page SEO | Link Building

Directory Submission : An Overview

Web Directory Submission: A web directory  is an online Book or catalogue of websites. That is Like a web directory or online directory on the Internet for the purpose to List and divide the websites into different Categories of the World Wide Web.

In Past Time, Directories Used to make entries about people or businesses, and their Personal and Professional contact information. In Modern World such  Famous and Helpful Directories are still in use. It Called Web Directory Submission.

A web Directory Submission Refers to Make entries about Different website. It includes All Important Hyperlinks to those websites that are Listed in Web directory, These Kind of Directories are organised into Different Main  categories and Their sub-categories.  

Besides the Hyperlinks, each and every Single entry includes the Title Name  of the Registered Website, and the brief description of its all contents in website. Mostly directories includes entries about full Data and Content of websites, rather than individual pages. There are limited categories available to List Websites.

There are only two ways to find Use full data or information on the internet. One is  searching  and another is browsing. When we List the Websites in Web Directories then Web directories Give links in a structured list to make browsing Fast & easier to the user at the time of Searching Query on the internet by the user.

Many web directories Provides combine facility such as searching and browsing through a search engine to search the directory database.

search results  are on the basis of database of Web Directory entries Collected automatically by Search crawler. Most web directories are made and managed manually by human editors. Many directories allow Websites owners to Add their Website for Index in web Directory.

The Entries in Web Directory may be listed for free or by pay Some Fix Amount (means the site owner Have to pay to website listed).

List of PR Directory Submission Sites for Backlinks is Here:


High PR Directory Submission Websites List

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Benefits of Web Directory Submission

There are Different types of benefits of web directory Submission. Some Important Tested benefits are the following:

  1. Quicker Indexing
  2. Higher Link Popularity
  3. A Directory Submission is mostly free
  4. More Pages Indexed
  5. Improve your Search Engine Rankings
  6. Better Keyword Targeting
  7. Higher Page Rank
  8. Share on Social Media
  9. Enhance your Brand
  10. More Customers


Web Directory Submission is a most Important Marketing Strategy of Off Page SEO. It is an Important Activity of Search engine optimisation Processes. By Directory submission, Your website will be listed in database like as Telephone Directory. When someone will search query on internet related to your Topic or keyword or product or services, Search engine will provide fast and easy view in its SERP ( Search engine result pages). Every Business or Brand should Submit their Website in Web Directory accessible globally.