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Content Marketing – An Overview

Content Marketing: The Marketplace we live and work in today is fully different from the past years in which we have started. Salesperson and store worker used to be the experts in their field, and brands and businesses used to spend a Huge amount on advertising to find prospective Customer who needed their product or services. Today, the customer is the expert and they can reach out to brands and businesses for help. In modern Time, There is a Large number of Online Store to Sell the Same type of Products or services.

So, People check Review and Demo of the Products before buying it. For example:

According to This types of Modern people Community, Environment becomes Buyer-Driven. there is an answer to Content Marketing.

Content marketing is the process of creating Best-Quality, Attractive & Engaging content to attract the Potential Customers, to inform, and engage the Potential audience, while the Particular Brand promoting itself.

Customer and Buyers are already finding on the web for what your brand offer uniquely positioned to the Customers. There are Multiple Benefits as following:

  1. Increased brand awareness: As Potential Customers and Buyers are searching for the Products according to their need on the internet, If your product having that category, your Brand will be Show up continuously and The Brand Awareness of the Product will Increase among all Customers. 
  2. Increased brand preference: Content marketing helps to establish thoughtful leader for your brand in the industry, which makes strong relationships with buyers.
  3. Maximum reach at lower cost: The Content Marketing is not a Short Term Strategy to Sell Product or services. It Mat be Costly once you have started but when you gain your potential customer and your product review are very good then the old customers will be your loyal customer for long. So You Have Charged for the Content Marketing once but you will gain for several years after that marketing process.

In Other Words, Content marketing is Creating The best Quality Content which Can Define Your Product’s Extra Ordinary Features.

It Should be Attractive and Effective in nature. If your Content Will Be attractive then it will be noticed by A large number of People and help to Gain Potential Customers or sale.

Content Marketing is the part of the relationship-based, buyer-driven, digital marketplace.


Content Marketing – Definition

1. According to The Content Marketing Institute, The Meaning of Content Marketing, “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”


2. According to Wikipedia, Meaning of Content Marketing,” Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. It is often used by businesses in order to:

  • Attract attention and generate leads.
  • Expand their customer base.
  • Generate or increase online sales.
  • Increase brand awareness or credibility.
  • Engage an online community of users.


3. According to Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”


Content Marketing – Examples

There are many types of content marketing according to content available. I Can’t cover all of them.

My motto is to give you an introduction to content marketing and its Elements so, You can get thinking like a content marketer then you can see the opportunities around you.

Soon you’ll be capable to think about up to 50 content marketing ideas every day. after that, You can’t stop analyze opportunities to create content.

I am Explaining here five examples to help your mind to start Thinking About it.



Infographics are Basically long, vertical Image graphics that include graphs, charts, statistics,  and other Written information.

If you need examples of infographics, We Have More than 100 infographics on the topic of content marketing organized by Michael Schmitz, head of Content Lab at Publicis, Munich. Infographics can be More effective.

if one has good content it can be passed on social media and posted on websites for a long time. You May design Professional infographic on any site like oDesk or if you want to decrease the risk you can hire a company like

A High Quality and attractive infographic will normally cost you at least $1,000 to have designed but may cost you more dollars if you hire a contractor or agency to include, research, strategy and planning, copywriting, and design. 


Web pages

Difference between a webpage and a webpage that is content marketing. According to The Beginner’s Guide to SEO from Moz, is an SEO tools & resources Provider.

These resources are offered for free by MOZ and Viewed millions of times.  It works as a magnet to pull the Customer towards it and increase the traffic on the webpage.

It is a Webpage. You Can take a look at a case study about the design firm Teehan+Lax. It has Mostly case studies are time consuming and boring.

but Their case studies are attractive. it is the difference between simple content on your website and content marketing.



This is Michael Hyatt, The author of the best-selling book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, practices what he wants to teach.

His This is Your Life” podcast was downloaded 250,000 times every month for a long time. As Hyatt wants to present on his blog post 4 Reasons You Should Consider Launching Your Own Podcast, “A podcast gives you visibility in a completely different world—primarily iTunes.

I have had scores of new people say they had never heard of me until they stumbled onto me in iTunes.” Hyatt Provides Useful information and advice in his podcast for free.

But that podcast Generate leads to more sales of his Different books, signups forms for his courses, and Get a number of requests for him as a speaker.



Gary Vaynerchuk, The Famous Content Marketing Master Mind. He is a master of content marketing use online video.

You can take a look at Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel. He started creating videos in the Past to promote family’s wine shop.

With The Help that videos and using other online marketing, After this, he grew a $45M empire. At That Time Videos and podcasts are an unused form of content marketing because businesses think it’s expensive and hard.

But with the decreasing cost of professional equipment helps to create high-quality video content and audio content is easy.

Unprofessional video content marketing has used to sell blenderslaunch new dental products, and market Hong Kong visa consulting services. A video Content for your company that may change your fortunes overnight? It may more be easier than you think.



Like movies, people think books as selling itself but the seller doesn’t sell books as just to sell books, they sell the books as promotion tools.

Michael Port’s sales manual Book Yourself Solid is a great book for marketers, entrepreneurs, and salesperson and Port enjoys selling his book in the market.

a book is a promotional tool for driving potential customers to his classes.

there is a perception that it is so difficult to publish a Book and only Highly reputed professionals or businesses can publish a business book.

It is a Suggestion that you should Publish your own book. Even if the public doesn’t read it you can use it as a form of content marketing every time when you are introducing yourself as an Author of That Book.

These are the General Examples of Content Marketing. It Means, You Can use any type of Content Marketing that suits you and Beneficial for you.

All are Effective Way of content marketing according to their Business or profession.


Steps to Buying Cycle

There are Mainly Four steps take to Buy Somthing. these step are Takes in every buying process. all Steps are the following:


1. Awareness

It is the first Step of Buying Cycle of a Product. It is Necessary to Pre Launch a Product in the Market. 

Prior Awareness about product needed at that time when a product to be Purchase in the market. so Content Marketing Helps in that Process to Attract and Aware new potential customer.

Awareness of product is related to the Solution of the Problem that the Customer has.


2. Research

It is the second step. In this step a customer Research Product or services according to their need which will fit for them.

They Find Different Product with the Same Category but they Choose The One which is Best according to Features and Look wise.


3. Consideration

It is the Third Step of the Process. In this Step, A Customer Starts Consideration and Thinking About Product.

At This Point, They Start Comparision between different Products and Seller Gives Offers and Surety about Product Quality and Fair Price.


4. Buy

It is the Last and Final step of Buying Process. In this Step, Customer select the Best Product according to their need, Makes Decision to Buy and Move ahead to Make Transaction or Payment.


Content Marketing – Scope & Importance

The Today world is Near to Become fully Digital and still use of content Marketing tools and strategy have highly needed according to the scenario of the modern world.

Content Marketing is an important Part of Marketing to sell product or services to customers. A Customer comes to buy product or services after seeing their features and attractiveness.

So Content Marketing is Like a Brand Name to Sell products. The Scope and Importance of Content Marketing are followings:


To Make Attractive

Content Marketing Create Content Like as a Highly attractive and it shows reliability with its features so customer takes steps ahead to see or buy the product after seeing content Promotion.


Content Marketing helps to Increase in Traffic on Website

Content Marketing Helps the business or owner of a website to Increase in Traffic on their website because of Quality and Effectiveness of the content.

Quality Content works as a Magnet to Pull the Reader or users of that particular topic or content.


Content Marketing helps to Generate Greater Sales Conversion

Content Marketing help to Generate Greater Sales than other Marketing Methods. With the help of Effective Content Marketing and Valuable content to the Users will generate More Sales because Valuable Content attracts the customers towards itself.


Content Marketing Gives Uniqueness to the Content

Content Marketing Uses Different types of tools and Techniques to Modify the Content so It Gives the Uniqueness to the Content. It Will Unique every time when used Content Marketing Tools.


Content Marketing Helps to Increase in Business Growth

Content Marketing used by Business to Make their Content Effective, Full of quality and Valuable.

These all are the Backbone of any Content and Content Marketing Uses All these in Its Process so Content will be Special with its Elements.

A Regular Use of these type of Contents will Help to Increase in Growth of Business


Effective Content can engage target buyers.

Content Marketing uses Special Strategy according to need and product. With the Help of Content Marketing, You can Make Your Content effective and can Add Engaging Elements to Engage your Buyers


Quality Content Can Help to educate your customers.

In The Marketing Area, Customer Education means awareness about Product.

There are Different Methods to Educate the People Like As Video Content, Slides, Images.

Visual Contents are more effective to Educate someone.


Quality and Valuable Content build trust with your target audience.

When a User Search Something on the search engine and your Website Find every time with Valuable Content got Clicked mostly and user read or watch the content deeply, it builds trust your website or contents with your Target Audience


Great Content Builds strong customer relationships.

When you Website has Great Quality Contents and customer Visit directly on your website or store on the priority basis to find the solution for their query, it Helps to Build Strong Customer relationship with your Customer.


 Valuable and Quality Content Provide credibility and authority.

It is Necessary to attract Potential and Regular customers that your Content should be valuable, Informative, Full of quality, Credible and Unique.

all things Matter to gain credibility among the general public. Content Marketing makes it possible and provides Authority to Use These elements regularly.


Content Marketing Helps to become business as an industry expert.

When a Business use Content Marketing Tools to Promote something, It is Looks Like that A work done by Expert so Content Marketing Gives the Tag of Expert to the Professionals or Business.


Content Marketing Helps to move buyers through the buyer Visits quickly

When Businesses Use Content Marketing Tools in Its Work or Content then Viewers comes in Large Number on the website to See the Content.

This Activity Popular the Content among People and Great Number of views Converts it to sales.


Quality Contents Generate traffic long after they’re published.

When A Quality and Valuable Content Published, It Generates Traffic for a Long Time when the Particular Query will be Search on the Internet.

The User of the Particular Content will Come in Large Number.


Quality Content gives your site visitors a reason to stick around.

Quality has an advantage that it pulls the Users Towards it. When you Publish Quality Contents always in your website then User will Visit Always your Website due to Quality and Uniqueness of The Content.

It Matters to the User because Quality will not Exist Everywhere.


Content Marketing improves SEO and online visibility.

If you Use Content Marketing to Modifying your Content to make it attractive with SEO Process then your Content and your Website will be More Visible than Other Website which contains Normal content even they Did SEO of their website.


Content marketing is cost-effective.

Content Marketing is the Game of tools and Strategy Used by Professional Content Marketer. it is a Game of Mind Play.

Content Marketing is Not Costly as Traditional Marketing Methods or Other Marketing Methods. It is Cost Effective and Consumes a Very Low Cost with High Efficiency.


Content Marketing helps you reach a specific audience.

Content Marketing Use Segment Marketing System to Become More Effective so It Reaches a large Number of users of a Same category or specially Targeted Audience.


The blogging helps you bring in more qualified leads.

When you Post a Quality and Valuable Content to your Website and Visitor are Highly Interested in your Content it means, They are Not Only the Users of That Content, they are the Qualified Leads which is ready to Buy The service or Product.


Content Marketing helps you remain competitive.

If You use Content marketing to Make Your Content, The quality of your Content will be Super and you will be High-Level Competitor of the Businesses in the same category and You Will Have Competitiveness always due to Your Content Marketing strategy and Your Content quality.


Potential Customers are checking out your content before contacting sales.

When you Publish a Content on website or Store, The Potential Customers Checking your Content before contact for sales.

They Check your Content Quality, Value, Views, and Credibility in general Public before doing any Purchase.


Huge content helps to get more touch points with your leads and customers.

When you Post Different types of Contents then There will Be the User also From Different Category so Number of users will be Large so you will get More Touch points due to a Large Number of Users, They May be Only Traffic or Leads or may be converted into Customers.


Content is shareable with others

Content Made with Content Marketing Strategy will be a Quality Content so It can be shareable with others to Promote More and More.

You Can Share your content on different Platforms like Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus and More others.


Effective content marketing helps to Get more customers to engage

With the Help of Effective Content Marketing, You can make your Content attractive and effective to attract more customers towards your Products and effective content marketing will help you to get a Large Number of Customer to engage with your Content.


Content marketing works for businesses in any industry.

Content Marketing Has No Boundness to use. Any Business or Industry can use Content Marketing to attract More Customers and Traffic on their Website.

Content Marketing is Suitable for all Like as A Large Business or A Small-scale Enterprises.


Content marketing can help you bring in unexpected customers.

When your Content will be High Quality and Valuable then Your Content will get Unexpected Traffic from different sources and it will be a Beneficial and favourable moment to the business.


The more share, the more traffic you can generate.

Sharing is the best method to Get High Traffic and Social Media is the Only Way to Viral anything very fast.

If You Share Your Quality Content on Facebook then It Will Get More And More Sharing then high Traffic on your Website.

There are multiple Sources or Mediums to Share Your Content.



The Content Marketing is Very Important to attract New Potential customers and Traffic on Your website. In Modern time, Public take Interest in attractive designs, Good Looking, Unique and Quality in the Product.

A Business Can Attract More Traffic with the Help of Content Marketing. Content marketing Has different types of Importance to Business.

I think Every Business Use Content Marketing But Effective Content Marketing Have only A few Business.

Use Content Marketing to Modify Your Content Effectively and Generate Lead for the Business in Large amount.